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We hope you find our guide to choosing a wellness retreat inspires you to take some time out
May 16, 2024

Guide to choosing a wellness retreat

Wellness Retreats: Your Complete Guide to Recharging Body and Soul Life today often feels overwhelmingly ...
Explore the science behind molecular hydrogen and the health benefits this therapy offers
May 15, 2024

Health benefits of molecular hydrogen

Exploring the Science Behind Molecular Hydrogen: What Wellness Enthusiasts Need to Know In recent years, ...
Don't give up. It is possible to finish your degree and graduate while fighting addiction
May 14, 2024

Finishing your degree while fighting addiction

What It Takes to Beat Addiction and Finish Your Degree Program Embarking on a journey ...

Cancer and your right to a second opinion

Cancer Diagnosis – Your Right to a Second Opinion In the UK, patients do not have the universal legal right to a second medical opinion. This can mean that some people who suspect they have cancer incorrectly assume that they shouldn’t ask for a second opinion. Indeed, patients who are undergoing treatment for cancer can

Vegetable tagine with herbed couscous

Saffron-Scented Vegetable Tagine on a Bed of Herbed Couscous Recipe by Marlen Watson-Tara, author of Go Vegan This saffron-scented vegetable tagine with herbed couscous is an exotic, vegan, warm stew that is very easy to make. The saffron lends a wonderful flavour and brilliant yellow colour to this potassium-rich dish. A pungent blend of different

Energy Balls

These healthy vegan energy balls are perfect alternatives to shop-bought sugar dense snack bars and energy balls. Energy balls recipe by Kirsten Chick, author of Nutrition Brought to Life These healthy vegan energy balls are super easy to make, refrigerate and freeze well, and you can get creative with different flavour combinations. Here are a

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