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Healthy Living in Essex
Working together to achieve our goals

Mike Wilson and Jill Poet passionately believe that by taking a joined-up approach and engaging synergistically across sectors, they can deliver a product that can have a massively beneficial impact on the general public, including minority groups.

Healthy Life Essex CIC is a Community Interest Company. Our Social Enterprise web site is dedicated to providing information to anyone who is ready to take responsibility for their own and their family’s health and wellbeing, and for anyone who cares passionately about the future of our planet.

Aims and Mission Statement .................... click here

Our Aims

  • To be an information conduit across sectors which include healthcare professionals, central and local government, environmentalists, 3rd sector organisations and the wider community.
  • To harness the impact and effectiveness of the information provided by these sectors.
  • To assist these multi-disciplinary groups in meeting policy targets.
  • To engage the public.
  • To develop the ‘Healthy Life’ web site model county by county throughout the UK.

Mission Statement

To provide a web resource that will encourage the public to make lifestyle and everyday behaviour shifts that will enhance their health and wellbeing, improve their enjoyment of the local environment, and increase awareness of sustainability issues. To achieve this we will establish strong and lasting relationships with our stakeholders.

We know we are not alone in this quest, and that is why this section is entitled ‘Working Together’.

Healthy Life is simply a conduit for any individual or organisation that genuinely wants to help make the world a better place. But every journey has a starting point, and our journey begins in Essex.


How can we work together?

  • Contact us if you have any comments or suggestions to make about the site, or ideas how we can make our quest more interactive.
  • Contact us if you have any issues about health, spirituality, sustainability etc you would like answered. We will not answer your queries ourselves. We shall place them on the News Blog and invite responses from specialists.
  • Sign up for our Newsletter so we can keep you informed of articles added, information and events.
  • Use our News Blog – it is a way to share your knowledge and your views (a Forum may be introduced in the future)
  • Send us interesting, relevant articles and information.
  • Tell people about our web site! Perhaps place a link on your own site. (Contact us if you would like a graphic link sent to you.)

And please support the site by advertising with Healthy Life Essex (if appropriate) – it is only £5 per entry per quarter! More directories will be added soon.

Healthy Life Essex is currently working together with:

  • South East Essex Women's Environmental Network, by creating, maintaining and hosting the 'South East Essex Women's Environmental Network' website
  • The Kursaal Peoples Foundation (KpF) on various initiatives to benefit the local community.
  • The Responsible Business Standard - The Standard is an indication that the business is playing a pro-active role in combating the challenges society currently faces. To attain the Standard "a business needs to evidence via an audit that they "Operate efficiently and ethically; meet and exceed legislation; and always consider its impact on people (the workforce, the community and society at large) and the environment."
  • Members of the steering committee of Mindful Employer in South Essex: helping employers to support their staff during times of stress.
  • Various other organisations throughout the county.


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1&1 Goes Green
1&1 uses wind, water and solar power in accordance with the Renewable Energy Certification System (RECS)1&1 is proud to be the first large web host who relies solely on renewable energy. At 1&1 we believe in a sustainable society for all and that every business has a role in this responsibility. We have therefore made a strong commitment to fight pollution and preserve our natural resources. 1&1 now uses wind, water and solar power in accordance with the Renewable Energy Certification System (RECS).

The use of renewable energy technologies reduces hazardous greenhouse gas emissions compared with conventional power plants.

Using Energy Efficiently
We do not only strive to use clean energy, we also endeavour to use energy as efficiently as possible. In our European data centres, we currently run some 40,000 servers which consume between 50 and 60 Gigawatts per hour (GWh).

For years, 1&1 has been using energy highly economically, with less than 20 per cent heat loss – one of the best figures in the industry. As soon as the outside temperature falls below 10 degrees Celsius, we cool our data centre using open-air coolers that work without energy-consuming compressors.

The choice of software also plays a critical role in saving electrical power. Based on Linux, 1&1 has developed its own operating system uses server resources efficiently, saving valuable energy.

1&1 supports an environmentally sound and sustainable future and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that come from conventional power plants.

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