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Meetings with The Master

Master Yu Dechan Jueren wth Sarah Yapp and her daughter Freya
Master Yu Dechan Jueren wth Sarah Yapp and her daughter Freya


For a while now I have acknowledged my ability to manifest things at the right time according to my will. Not everything I hasten to add: just what I need for my Spiritual development! Otherwise, this article would have been written sitting next to a pool with a cool spritzer in hand and a warm sun above my head, having just won 92million on the Euro lotto. That not being the case this article finds me writing on a dreary English autumn day, with a little time squeezed between clients, and only the sound of the washing machine for company.

At the beginning of the year I started to teach a Chakra course which lasted ten weeks. Some of the students had been coming to my weekly classes for about three years. During that time, I have recommended they visit various spiritual Masters who reside in India, but very few people have actually gone to India to see them. I have suggested that when these Masters come to London that they pay a visit, but again, only a handful of my students have made the time to do this. By the end of the course my students had progressed so much that I realised that they needed a more accomplished teacher than me. I therefore made an open prayer, asking that an enlightened Master come forward. I asked in a very particular way. My prayer was this: “Please can an Enlightened Master come to Leigh-on-Sea for my students to experience that powerful teaching and learn from a Master”.

Within three days a sign went up in my local Health Food shop stating that an Enlightened “Living Buddha” was coming to…… Leigh-on-Sea! Cosmic ordering at it’s best!

Master Yu with Senior Disciple Paul Kendal on Leigh CliffsWhen Master Yu Dechan Jueren first came to talk, I was a little unsure; why would a powerful, respected Guru come to a town like Leigh-on-Sea when he could perhaps choose Glastonbury or Totnes, which are full of what I call “Spiritual Bunnies”! Anyway my reservations were soon to disappear with the magnitude of what Master Yu was saying and the light which he was projecting into the room.

Ok, I’ve been round the Guru block a few times and bought, worn and eaten the t-shirts and robes, but this was something very different. Here was a man quite literally meeting me at my place. He is not saying that you need go anywhere or make efforts to change fundamental things within your life. He is asking that you learn the practices which he teaches and practice them diligently and daily.

Master Yu at the Hand over of the Zen Lineage China 2008 My question to him at the first meeting was “where did you get these teachings?” So many “new age” teachers have “channelled” their teachings from out-of-this-world entities. But here is a man who has been singled out to be the 49th Maha-Acharya, the Dharma Lineage Holder of the Esoteric School, the 47th Lineage Holder of the Linji School of Chan/Zen Buddhism, and the 16th Lineage Holder of the renowned Zhaojue Monastery. Dechan Jueren is the Zen Master as well as the Tantric Master.

This singled him out for me as authentic, but did his teachings that were thousands of years old ring true in a modern world?

I had to try them out to see. I set about learning the techniques which include Mudra or hand positions, Mantra, and visualisation. This combination is said by Master Yu to be like using a password, a modem and an internet account in order to access information from the web.

Within days my new meditation practice had become stronger, I then went back to my previous practice which I had been doing for a year and everything fell into place with that too, I said to myself in amazement….”Ahhh, so that’s what it is supposed to feel like!!” A whole year practicing something with only a third of the power switched on!

The practices of Master Yu may be thousands of years old, and may have been secret Esoteric Knowledge for most of that time, but they are really so simple. I have tried many differing techniques but the techniques of The Esoteric School are powerful in their simplicity, they have also made it even easier by putting it onto a CD so that you can practice by yourself at home.

The Esoteric School advocates the universal practice of
know yourself, change yourself and conquer yourself.

The students of The Esoteric School must learn to forgive everyone, to respect everyone, to help everyone, and to give happiness to everyone while bearing disaster and pain alone.

The ultimate precept of The Esoteric School is to ask the highest and the best out of oneself. Anything you do, always check with your conscience first.

Simple, gentle, yet powerful techniques with no attachment to any formal religion or dogma. Only a peaceful desire to better oneself is required.

We have many opportunities to meet with the Master, and to learn his teachings. Go to for information. There is also a shrine set up in Shenfield for information. Please call 01277203942 to learn about the shrine schedule.

On Wednesday evenings we have a Meditation group in Leigh-on-Sea to learn the many practices of The Esoteric School. You can call 01702 474380 to find out more.

Sarah Yapp BA (Hons) ITEC MCThA
Sarah Yapp Therapies

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