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Spirituality and evolution

Spirituality and Evolution


None of what is mentioned here is ‘new’ and we’re not the first to realise these things, but now it is our time to help people understand what is happening and to ease the way if we can.

When talking about spirituality to other ‘aware’ people, it is clear that a common belief runs deep which is that evolution and spirituality now go very much hand in hand. There has been a huge awakening happening for some time now and it is becoming more commonplace to discuss these kinds of topics without seeming ‘strange’ or ‘barmy’.

Spirituality has now become part of everyday life and for a very good reason. We are going full circle with our awareness and realising that Spirituality is ‘normal’. For years it has been denigrated and cynics love to fill us with fear over such subjects, but the fact remains that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and not the other way round.

We all get gut-feelings or inherently know whether something is right or wrong and many of us have vivid dreams or get a sense of knowing a place without having been there. These things are all part of our spiritual self and just because you can’t physically hear, see, smell, taste or touch things – doesn’t mean they don’t exist on some level!

Now, without wishing to get too deep into esoteric subjects, I feel it should be acknowledged that thousands are recalling information from places such as Lemuria, Atlantis and Ancient Egypt. Whether you ‘believe’ or not in such places, it seems far too ‘coincidental’ that people from all over the world are remembering exactly the same things without having read, heard or seen such information before. We are clearly going back to our respective spiritual roots and state of awareness…

As spiritual beings it means we can all read, heal, counsel, meditate, be creative and really do anything we want to if we just allow ourselves to get over any fear we might have and then simply re-learn control over our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical selves.

Swans and DolphinsLooking at spiritual or religious practises of today or those from thousands of years ago, they are ultimately all trying to get to the same thing – to find a more positive, healed, whole way of life. Whether it is Native American Shamanism, Wicca, Paganism or Druidry (with their respective songs, dances, ceremonies, herbs and feathers), or Buddhism, Hinduism & Taoism using meditation or mantras, ultimately the intent is the same, and that is to honour and improve oneself and the environment and to help others do the same.

Whatever a chosen practise or belief is, it is generally about Respect, Trust and Love for such things as land, values, teachings, people, creatures and self. And, whichever ‘Deity’ you might ask for help from, whether Wakan Tanka (Great Spirit), Buddha, God or Angels, it’s all about making and keeping yourself clear and true to that which cannot be physically seen, touched or heard! This to me, amongst other things, is Spirituality.

On a slightly different note…
Clearly a huge ‘transformation’ has been going on for some time now and as we continue to evolve as a race and planet, I personally feel that Spirituality is at the heart of it all. It is so important in these times of accelerating change (yes, time is speeding up) that we keep up with our spiritual and personal development in order to understand at a deeper level what is happening around us. We are constantly hearing about all kinds of Natural ‘Disasters’ and no matter what the media portray, this is a Universal wake-up call for us to start living again from the heart. This means that we need to unite in love & acceptance for every living thing on this planet, including ourselves.

Being aware at this level allows us to remain centred and at peace and to accept that everything happens for a very good reason. Without wishing to be controversial or upset anyone, I would like to mention the Tsunami as an example of this. In the UK with many people living beyond their means and escalating levels of debt, why is it that we were able to raise over £300million to help those the Tsunami affected? Here’s a thought… perhaps it is because it pulled at our heartstrings (love vibration) and as a country we were able to unite in nonjudgement (vibration of acceptance).

In this piece I would also like to briefly mention children, many of whom are misunderstood and alienated, as they are such ‘old souls’. Please remember to offer them the Respect, Trust, Love & Understanding they deserve, as thousands of them are here to teach us and not necessarily the other way round! We are evolving and times are changing whether we like it or not and it’s far easier to go with the flow of these changes than to resist them.

Please be aware that all of this is only my view and my Truth and I encourage everyone to seek out their own. If what I say resonates, wonderful. If it doesn’t that is equally fine, but we must allow ourselves to wake up to our own Truths and no longer be afraid of them – no matter how weird they might seem. You will find hundreds of spiritual beliefs and practises out there, just find what is right for you, whatever ‘label’ it may have or whatever ‘divinity’ it may worship. Find what is your Truth, what sits right with you in your heart and allow yourself to be the spiritual being you truly are.

Sharon - White Elk Woman

This article first appeared in
Healthy Life - Mind, Body & Soul Issue 2 Winter/Spring 2006


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