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Did the REAL YOU show up for work this morning?

7 Steps for a Blossoming Career

On average here in the UK we work 40 hours a week. As we spend more time at work than with our friends and family, is it no surprise that being happy at work is so important to most of us? Yet, according to a survey released in 2007, 24% of the UK office based workforce is unhappy at work.*


With more and more demands at work, it is becoming increasingly difficult for employers to manage performance and for employees to meet their employer’s expectations.

So what should employees do to get more out of their life and work?
In a survey 97% of managers said that Coaching should be made available to all staff, no matter what their status or position within an organisation.**

Wendy Dashwood-Quick explains:
Many employers are starting to adopt coaching techniques to manage performance, and ensure their employees are engaged, valued and therefore much happier.”

It’s predicted that over 500,000 British workers will suffer work related stress at a level that will make them ill“It’s predicted that over 500,000 British workers will suffer work related stress at a level that will make them ill, so it is even more important that employers and their staff take time out discover who they are, what they want and where they’re going.” ***

Wendy has seen many changes to the job market in the last four years. She has spent months studying this challenge and has come up with 7 great tips for a blossoming career:

  1. Taking Action is the first step in taking control! Get your time management and environment under control and reduce your stress levels.
  1. Identify what your needs are and ensure that these get met in a healthy way.
  1. Learn from the past. What did you once do that you don’t do now? Rediscovering a hobby or a passion lights the fuse and gives meaning and purpose to your existence, both in and outside of work.
  1. Develop beliefs that support you. If you are running your life based on an unsupportive belief then you need to ask yourself – who gave that to you and is it still relevant – is it just an old program that needs upgrading?
  1. Raise your self esteem by improving your self talk, body language and voiceDefine your values – the bedrock of who you are. Get clear on what matters to you, what’s important to you and see how differently other people start to treat you.
  1. Raise your self esteem by improving your self talk, body language and voice. Communication is so crucial, highly undervalued and yet so incredibly powerful.
  1. Clarify your vision – you get what you focus on so make sure it’s amazing! When you get clear on this, write it down and start making it happen.

Wendy Dashwood–Quick
Resolution Coaching

Wendy offers personal life coaching, based around EFT, NLP and Psychometric Testing in Essex, throughout the UK and abroad.

* Survey produced by Badenoch and Clark
*** Stress related and psychological disorder report produced by HSE

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