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Reflexology - how it changed my life and could change yours


So many of my patients wish they could change their jobs. Well, it is possible if you are determined. With all the weekend and evening courses available it is possible to learn new skills. Learning reflexology certainly changed my life.


Back in 1992 I was working as an accounts clerk with absolutely NO job satisfaction. When I decided to become a reflexologist, I trained at an Association of Reflexologists School at weekends (courses are normally one weekend per month). It is important to make sure courses are accredited by a recognised Association. I couldn’t believe how exciting it was to work on feet, and was eager to qualify and become a professional – and give up the ‘day job’ as they say!

The feet represent the whole body. When treating feet I imagine a body shape overlaying them; the two big toes are the head, the heels are the bottom, and all parts in between are in proportion to the body I am treating.

Reflexes in the feet and hands correspond with organs, glands and systems of the body.

I can see and feel changes in the feet but aches and pains in the body are not visible. Generally I am reliant on feedback from patients as to the effects of a treatment.

But I wanted to see proof.Val Groome with patients of all ages

I saw real, tangible proof about eleven years ago, soon after I opened the clinic. In brief, Mr.A had lost an arm in an accident at work back in the ‘60’s and he had suffered with insomnia for years. His first few appointments were for aromatherapy back and head massage to try and break the pattern of sleep deprivation.

The treatments helped a little and he was more relaxed but the big change came when I suggested reflexology. Although I was already qualified I asked Mr.A to be a case study; it was a chance for him to have extra treatments and for me to see how reflexology could really work. What a challenge!

When we started, Mr.A’s feet were extremely solid and swollen reflecting the shape of his body (he did not over eat or drink). Obviously the loss of a limb had affected the flow of blood and lymph around the body. I concentrated mainly on the lymphatic system using reflexology drainage techniques. The effects of regular reflexology treatments were incredible; as the feet became pliable and slim, the body became supple and weight shifted. I had my proof! Since that time, I have seen the benefits of reflexology over and over again through giving and receiving treatments.

Oh yes, and Mr. A slept.

Can you imagine how much more satisfactory my work is now than when I was ‘number crunching’?Childs feet

I treat babies to the elderly with all sorts of conditions, specialising in pregnancy and sub-fertility. Specialist techniques help morning sickness and associated conditions right through to giving birth.

I also teach Maternity Reflexology Workshops incorporating Sub-fertility and treating babies with feeding difficulties. These workshops are open to qualified reflexologists only.

Val Groome
Member of the Association of Reflexologists
Ashby Clinic
(Please note : Since this article was published Val Groome has retired from practice).


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