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Reflex Touch / Morrell Technique

A gentle yet incredibly effective alternative
to Conventional Reflexology ...

For many years it has been accepted that Reflexology is a valid Complementary Therapy. There are many highly trained therapists achieving great results and thousands of people have benefited. But for some people, the quite firm pressure of Reflexology is either uncomfortable or inappropriate. Now there is an alternative!


Over 23 years ago Patricia Morrell, then a registered nurse, began observations of conventional Reflexology treatments with a view to training in this therapy. However, Patricia quickly moved to a quite different philosophy developing a discipline with a number of inter-related facets.

Reflex Touch/Morrell Technique was born.

The method is similar to Reflexology in that it uses the feet as the point of contact between patient and practitioner, thereby accessing the organs and systems of the body through reflex points in the feet; and yet it is quite different. Morrell technique uses a subtle, light touch gently stimulating the body’s energy flow in specific areas, not the firmer deep application of pressure on reflex points generally associated with conventional Reflexology.

The practitioner can treat virtually any illness or medical complaint, mums to be, babies, children, the elderly and those with life threatening conditions, including cancer.Combined with observation and access to the patient’s electro-magnetic field, a skilled Morrell Practitioner can make a competent differential and sometimes specific diagnosis. This enables them to incorporate a treatment program designed to facilitate the required response in the patient.

Morrell Practitioners receive training in visualisation techniques, counselling, diet, stress management and Mind Reach (another innovation from the Morrell School). This enables the therapy to be truly holistic in treating the patient as an individual, not just addressing the symptoms of a condition, but the cause. By using all or some of the many facets of the therapy, the Practitioner can help the patient achieve a healthy mind and body.

The technique has been validated with hospital trials in Cardiff confirming its diagnostic potential, the balancing of blood pressure, and reduction of pre and post operative pain. An independent report published in the Institute of Complementary Medicine’s autumn edition of The Journal suggested favourable results were achieved when treating cancer patients with regard to relaxation, providing the patient with a reduced perception of pain, and an improved ability to cope with the side effects of conventional medical treatments (chemotherapy).

Samantha Selby with a clientThe subtlety, beauty and versatility of the technique are the keys to its success. This enables the Practitioner to treat virtually any illness or medical complaint, mums to be, babies, children, the elderly and those with life threatening conditions, including cancer.

If you have had little or no response to a medical condition with other therapies, Reflex Touch/Morrell Technique may be worth a try. At the very least you will experience a truly delightful treatment that may just make all the difference to your quality of life!!!

Samantha Selby MIFMP MCMA
The Morrell School of Complementary Medicine

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