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Rahanni Celestial Healing: a new healing modality


Rahanni Celestial Healing
The Story So Far.

I still have to pinch myself at the success of Rahanni and how it is still going from strength to strength. It is amazing that on the 4th August 2002 my life changed beyond belief. There I was: Carol Stacey, a Reiki Master teaching on the odd occasion and happily seeing clients on a daily basis and hopefully bringing healing Light into their some-what physically and emotionally traumatised minds and bodies. I thought this was how I would continue in my life, punctuated with the usual visits to the Grandchildren. I was quite happy with this situation and my life in Maldon. At the age of 60 there didn’t seem a lot left for me to do, and I was happy in my own way. Little did I know that my guides, angels and the Ascended Masters had other ideas!

This brings me back to the day that changed my life when at 2a.m. I was awoken by a brilliant white light coming into the bedroom and eventually changing into a form of Melchizedek, an Ascended Master. I recognised this ‘Being of Light’ as I had been studying him every week for 18 months, so I held no fear as I could feel only love and compassion emanating from this ‘Being’. I was taken out of my body and told that I would be bringing forth a ‘new’ healing modality that was on a higher vibration than any other modality at this time. There was so much more, and it was such an incredible experience, but I will not go into detail now. If you are interested in the whole story I have written a book called ‘Rahanni Celestial Healing – Embracing the Light.’ which, I am delighted to say, has just been published.

‘Rahanni Celestial Healing – Embracing the Light.’You will possibly be asking the same question I asked of my guides; why do we need a ‘new’ healing modality when Reiki has been around for thousands of years and been very successful? [It is good to question]. This is how it was explained to me. Reiki is a wonderful modality and it will continue to heal many people, but everything on this planet and in the Universe is changing, nothing stays the same. Energy is not static. It is constantly moving and changing as do our thoughts and feelings. The way we feel about certain situations in our life when we are younger, will change as we grow spiritually: we have different needs. Children for example are being born with a different DNA. It was carbon, now it is crystalline. So we require a healing modality that can comply with all of these changes. It is all about vibration.

‘Rahanni’ vibrates on a pink ray of Light healing the heart centre, bringing forth love and compassion. The vibration of the Earth had to be raised for the energy to be sustained, and humanity had to have a change in consciousness. This has now happened; moving from the 3rd to the 4th dimension of reality. ‘Rahanni’ is not based on any one religion: it is our natural essence. (More In-depth information is given in my book; ‘Embracing the Light’)

‘Rahanni’ practitioners will work with Ascended Masters, 7 main Archangels, 51 Celestial Pink Angels, Kwan Yin and the 6 pointed healing star. It is simplicity itself. There are no complications and it can be taught in one day. The student is attuned to the celestial energies raising their vibration to the highest level of any healing modality. With level 1 you are also shown distant healing and it works beautifully. Level 2 is the teaching level and a student can become a teacher of ‘Rahanni’ within 6 months.

‘Rahanni’ is not based on any one religion: it is our natural essence

Many people have benefited from the deep healing of Rahanni, changing not just their physical body but also by bringing in a change of consciousness where they are able to release all negativity and fear-based thinking to that of positive thought and joy.

Recent articles I have written have brought so many opportunities for me to teach in many areas including Kent, Ireland and Scotland, and even the chance to take Rahanni to the USA and Canada. Who would have thought that at the age of 65, instead of putting my feet up, I am now travelling to many places in the UK and abroad to present the wonderful healing modality of Rahanni. And guess what? I have just finished my second book: can’t be bad for a Mum and Grandma from Maldon.

All I can say is it’s never too late to change your life especially when you still have so much love to give. I can’t think of a better way to end my days.

Carol Anne Stacey is based in Maldon, Essex and is the founder of Rahanni Celestial Healing.
tel: 01621 854896


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