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The nurturing touch of Pregnancy Massage

The nurturing touch of Pregnancy Massage

During pregnancy, support and advice reassures the expectant mother within this time of emotional change. When addressing health, physical and physiological wellbeing, relaxation plays an important role, particularly at a time of such transition. In addition to massage, breathing exercises are beneficial, particularly during the 3rd trimester as the baby begins to grow and may restrict the diaphragm.


Massage during pregnancy is an area of support for the expectant mother which is natural, comforting, and produces a feeling of well-being. Relaxation is an important factor to consider during the whole gestation period. Allowing time out for massage has many benefits as during pregnancy you may become more fatigued. Massage is a time to completely relax, to be nurtured. You may also experience an improved night’s sleep.

Pregnant MotherInsomnia, headaches, migraine and anxiety can all be brought about by psychological, circulatory, hormonal and muscular tension. Relief through massage can help reassure, alleviate pain, and reduce the accumulation of toxins brought about from the changes in metabolism.

Relieving muscular aches and pains is one of the most common complaints during pregnancy that expectant mothers mention before treatments. Often changes in the body’s shape can bring about alignment issues resulting in soft tissue tension and joint instability. As the centre of gravity shifts, postural imbalance can bring about strain on the back. The lower back is particularly challenged as the ligaments that attach to the uterus are under greater strain. It is also important to pay attention to any tension in the shoulders as this may lead to chest pain.

Massage can also help support the lymph and circulatory systems which often become sluggish during the later stages of pregnancy. Swelling can occur around the calves and ankles which can be alleviated with manual lymphatic drainage, a separate treatment in itself. The Paul with pregnant mother after massagepossibility of varicose veins, high blood pressure and excessive fluid retention can also be reduced. With the changes in hormonal levels as well as the increased pressure in the abdomen, indigestion and sickness may be experienced. Regular massage will help stimulate nutrient absorption and gently release indigestion.

Finally, many women may be concerned about post natal stretching to the skin as well as postural problems. Massage during the gestation period will significantly reduce the possibility of such issues.

Treatment by a professional pregnancy massage therapist will provide that extra support during the gestation period to improve the quality of life both for the mother and expectant baby.

Important: Pregnancy massage is only suitable after the 1st trimester

Paul Drinkwater.

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