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Pole Dancing is not just for Gentlemen


Pole dancing has been associated with strippers and gentlemen's clubs for many years. Did you know that is not actually the origin of pole dancing? Originally, it was a Chinese acrobatic act more akin to Cirque Du Soliel than strippers.

In the western world at least most people associate pole dancing with strippers and there is a certain amount of the forbidden with it- however it is great exercise. Think about it- strippers typically have pretty good physiques, pole is often their work out.

Pole Dancing upside downPole dancing is an amazing form of exercise and more and more women and men are discovering it as one of the best core and all over body exercises ever- even more importantly it is fun.

Because at the heart of pole dancing is dance- the individual can really change the style of the routine to suit his or her tastes. I have seen people dance to Largo by Xerses, Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, Country, Rock, as well as Pop and Hip-Hop- artistic expression is limitless.

This means pole dancing is less a staple of the red light district and more a fixture at a gym or a dance studio. Often Pole is taught in studios which teach silks or lyra (aerial hoop) as well.

There is still a little edge to it. A lot of people who pole dance even when they do so exclusively for fitness keep it secret, afraid of the judgment. Personally, I never hid in a 'pole closet' my family and friends all know as do my children. The kids, in fact, are unaware there is a stigma attached to pole at all.

Many polers I have had the pleasure to talk to or work with and it seems that many of them started pole dancing during or shortly after a major transition in life: having a baby, cancer, divorce, or something else that can turn someone's life upside down. Most often, participants find that pole dance is an amazing form of therapy.

When learning how to pole dance dancers learn confidence in his or her body, gain muscle, and really tune into his or her body and have a connection with it. Dance is more than just physically challenging it challenges the mind to overcome fears, such as being fearful of heights. When I started pole dancing I would not have guessed, that a few short years later, I would be climbing to the top of a 7 meter pole flipping upside down, then letting go with my hands trusting my legs to hold on, and then twisting and stretching into tricks or poses that are challenging.

Every day there are new students testing the pole dancing waters. Even if you are a classically trained ballet dancer, gymnast, or have no previous athletic experience, you pole dance. Pole dancing is a great equalizer. You find yourself learning things about yourself- even if you thought you knew yourself well.

Pole dancing is not only for Cirque Du Soliel athletes or exotic dancers, it is for everyone who wants to, you can make it sexy like Alethea Austin or like a gymnastic routine, like Oona Kivela. You can experiment and dance however you feel that way. Sometimes that may be sexy and sensual and others may be pure flexibility and strength. The versatility of this activity means that it can be tailored for anyone's needs or fitness goals.

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