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Peace of HeartPeace of Heart


In this modern world we live in, it can be difficult with all the demands and responsibilities that need to be met and taken care of each day, to find time for any Real Peace and Harmony in our lives. This can only be found in our hearts and then extended out to our fellow beings. Sometimes we need to retreat and re-charge and it is important that we use our time well, and heal and grow in the right direction. Unconditional Love is often talked about but how do we reach a state of non-judgement, acceptance and enough compassion in our hearts to feel Real Love for all our fellow beings as well as for ourselves?

Many books point out the way. We live in a New Age of so many choices including journeys, therapies, workshops, retreats and many other alternatives. It seems as though as things around us become more challenging, more and more alternatives are mushrooming up suggesting and promising us Peace, Balance, Health, Happiness, Healing and Wellbeing. Many of these products of course can be very helpful to us. Mind, Body and Spirit can be fed and we can feel better by giving ourselves some time out to learn and try new things to help ourselves during often busy and stressful times. But for those who have less time and possibly less money, as well as for all of us who are striving for a more peaceful way to live IN the world without escaping to mountains and jungles or giving our power away to all who cross our path, there are many Ancient simple ways for transformation, transmutation and purification that are free for all of us to feel more peace and generate more love within and around ourselves and then beyond.

The Mayans say In Lak’ech,
I am another yourself

But what does that mean? I am another yourself. If you are me, and I am you, then who would I possibly seek to harm? When we begin to understand, see and hear the messages of the ancestors through our hearts and intuition, we can embrace and live these ancient ways here and now today, and begin to lift the vibrations on our beautiful planet Earth. For “what we do to Peace is what we all seek. Every Soul seeks to Love and be Lovedour precious mother we do to ourselves” It is time for each one of us to make our relationship with Mother Earth now, to begin healing wherever we can within our own families, with our neighbours and our friends and with the world. But only through the heart can we begin to make the real deeper changes that are needed to help ourselves and one another to build for future generations a better and more peaceful way again, as the ancients taught, considering the next 7 generations.

Peace is what we all seek. Every Soul seeks to Love and be Loved. Each one of us has our own Unique gift and way that can manifest as a reality here and now on Earth.

We are powerful beyond measure and the more we move into our Light, the more responsibility our Awakening demands of us to be Joyful, Mindful and Conscious as we begin to witness ourselves becoming more impeccable in this Reality

If we just took a moment on waking to affirm “I choose to live in a world of Peace and Harmony and whoever I encounter today is only another myself”, we would begin to really experience this as Truth and witness healing occurring naturally according to Universal Law.
So what does total responsibility mean? Does it mean that we are responsible for what we think and do and anything beyond that is out of our control? Are we only responsible for what we do and not what anyone else does, or can we advance our perspective about total responsibility? And if we can, what does each one of us need to do within our self to enable others to change? Heal the part of us that creates them. Total responsibility for our self means that everything is the entire world is our own creation!in our lives; because it is in our lives it is our responsibility - which then means the entire world is our own creation! Being responsible for everything anyone does in our world is a hard one because if we are to take complete responsibility for our lives, then everything we see, hear and experience becomes our responsibility because it is in our lives. If we look at the economy, terrorist activity and anything else that we experience and don’t like, we can see it is there to be healed by us if it is only a projection from within ourselves.

Blame is far easier than total responsibility. Healing the ancient way means loving yourself, healing your life and healing the other by healing yourself. It is hard to work on the path to the Real Self.

A simple way we could begin would be, the next time we have a negative feeling to something we see, hear or experience we could take a moment to switch in and say “I am sorry, I love you”, finding our Peace once more and not falling out of balance, keeping an equanimous mind. It would be enough if all of us were able to do this.
Whenever we want to improve anything in our lives we need to look within ourselves with LOVE.

When the heart opens, there is no separation, no teacher, no student, just another yourself looking back at you. Everything in the other is in us, so who would we seek to harm? When we see our own light and beauty it can feel glorious, but when we see our own darkness reflected from the other it is only a gift, an opportunity. Remember it is a great opportunity for transmutation, transformation and purification of that shadow part of our self. When we begin to communicate through the heart without need of words and we are able to feel and radiate love and compassion for the other, even when we don’t understand, we are then taking full responsibility and we heal our self through our love for the other us.

When the trust comes from within regardless of the other, moving beyond form and how things appear to be and we cease judging, we truly begin to Heal and raise the vibrations for all.

Let us take responsibility with open Hearts

This Peace comes freely. It is for all those already sharing in this way and for those who wish to join the One Heartbeat of Peace that is calling us all home….
In Peace

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