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Opposites Attract - Magnetic Therapy


Opposites Attract - Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic Therapy is an ancient alternative therapy for healing and pain relief. It is thought that Cleopatra slept on a Lodestone (the first known magnetic mineral) to keep her skin beautiful.


Magnetic devices are now registered as prescribable medical devices in 54 countries. Hopefully in a few years time that may include our own NHS, particularly as magnetic therapy is free from unpleasant side effects unlike many anti-inflammatory drugs. Anyone suffering from conditions such as arthritis, backache, sciatica, cramps, carpal tunnel, circulation problems or general aches and pains could find wearing magnets beneficial. Magnetic therapy can be used independently or alongside existing conventional treatment. It is an excellent choice for anyone, except those who wear pacemakers, insulin pump, any implanted electro-medical device or is pregnant.

How does Magnetic Therapy Work?
All physical and mental functions are controlled via electromagnetic fields produced by the movement of electro chemicals (ions) within the body. When an injury occurs and tissue is damaged, positively charged ions move into the affected area, triggering pain and causing inflammation.

Magnetic JewelleryIn order for pain and inflammation to be relieved and healing to take place, the electromagnetic fields must be restored to their normal balance. The magnetic field created by wearing magnets helps relax the capillary walls as well as surrounding muscle and connective tissue, allowing for increased blood flow. More oxygen and nutrients are transferred to the injury site. The overall process restores the normal electromagnetic balance to the area, relieving pain and inflammation, and promoting accelerated healing.

In the USA, Magnetic Therapy is recognised by The National Centre for Complementary Medicine (NCCAM). The NCCAM is one of 27 institutes that are controlled by the Department of Health and Human Services. According to most experts in the field, Magnetic Therapy is credited with an 80%-90% success rate.

The speed of relief from conditions is varied according to the severity of the condition, and how long the condition has been suffered. The good news is the older you are, the faster you may respond (at last a bonus to growing old)! Seriously, do not expect overnight ‘miracles’, you must keep wearing your magnets all day every day.

I have personally suffered with carpel tunnel for 30 years, and am now pain free after wearing Magnetic Jewellery for the past year.

Susan Croud
Catseye Jewellery

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