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Neuro Skeletal Re-alignment Therapy (NSRT)

Neuro Skeletal Realignment Therapy has been gaining recognition in helping many people with musculo-skeletal and neurological conditions.


VertebraeNSRT was developed in Australia where it is called ‘neuro skeletal dynamics’ and is now well established and supported by PHD research in the Department of Physiology at the University of Adelaide.

It is a very gentle, non-invasive therapy (only shoes need be removed) using just a light touch, but it is amazing in its results. The body’s central nervous system operates on a very minute electrical current, so by gently pressing on specific sites, (the ‘neuro transmission’ points), a reaction occurs that relaxes and realigns the bone, ligaments and muscles, allowing healing to take place naturally.

The therapist holds each point with just the middle fingers for about 10-20 seconds before moving on to the next one, starting with the coccyx and medulla to initiate a connection, then moving to the hips and sacrum, proceeding up the spine, around the shoulders and finishing on the skull. These points also correlate with meridian lines and work to open chakras: it therefore has significant effects on many levels. There are also points around each joint for other specific problems.

It is so relaxing that many patients do fall asleep, but other patients and the therapist sometimes feel sensations including pulsing, heat, tingling, and more, as the body adjusts to its correct alignment.

NSRT can be used on all ages, from babies to the elderly and can help improve mobility and sensation even when none can usually be expected. Many conditions have been helped, from general back pain and sciatica to cerebral vascular accidents and paraplegia. In my work as a Neuro Skeletal Re-alignment therapist, I have had so many success stories already and at times, I still get amazed by the results myself.

The number of treatments required by a patient varies depending on the type of injury, trauma or defect. Usually four sessions is advised in order to gain significantly beneficial results, although ongoing treatments are required for neurological disorders, such as MS and Parkinson’s disease, and also for conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis and congenital defects.

It is a very gentle,
non-invasive therapy
using just a light touch,
but it is amazing in its results

Instead of taking painkillers or having to… ‘learn to live with it’, why not give this wonderful therapy a try?

Qualified NSRT therapists register with the British NeuroSkeletal Re-alignment Therapy Association. More information can be found at

Clare Hudson
Member of the British NeuroSkeletal Re-alignment Therapy Association
Member of Independent Professional Therapists International
Member of Back Care -The Charity for Healthier Backs

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