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Mickel Therapy, Harnessing The Power Of Your Symptoms

Mickel Therapy

Harnessing The Power Of Your Symptoms

Learning to interpret symptoms could mean your body no longer needs to keep sending them.

Isn’t it horrible when you feel ill? Maybe you have a stomach ache or migraine or perhaps other debilitating symptoms of chronic fatigue or M.S. While symptoms are never pleasant, they frequently hold helpful messages from the body. Once we understand them & find the most constructive way to act on them, the body no longer needs to keep sending them.


It almost sounds too simple I hear you say! Well with health conditions we call ‘energy disorders’, it can be relatively simple to make a full recovery…though it’s not always easy!

MigraineTo understand this further though, lets look at what is beneath the symptom. Quite simply behind most symptoms are emotions. But typically we’re taught that emotions revolve around thoughts. However most emotions aren’t generated by thought at all, but rather by our ‘body intelligence’. This sits completely separately to our brain or thoughts.

Often though we miss this body communication which can lead to the creation of symptoms. One way of explaining it is that emotions whisper to us about how our body or true self honestly feels about the energy of a situation but if we override or ignore it, the body turns up the volume of that message & sends us a physical symptom.

Often though in conditions such as Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia (an extreme form of muscle pain) it can seem impossible to understand what the body might be saying, however through a simple process, focusing on actions that allow the body to see we’ve got the Often it can seem impossible to understand what the body might be saying,message – not focusing on changing thoughts, our body can see we’ve got the message & stop sending the symptom. The beauty of this approach is that it puts the power of healing back in the clients hands.

This approach; Mickel Therapy, coined by Dr David Mickel has been around since around 2000 & is now offered by 70 therapist worldwide. It’s been used to treat well over 750 clients with ME, Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia to the point of being symptom free. Now the treatment is being offered for a much wider range of conditions, too many to mention here but include: IBS, Migraines, Insomnia, Anxiety & Depression. Recent success has also been found with as severe conditions as M.S (Multiple Sclerosis).

More recently Mickel Therapy has started to work with the quantum physics concepts. In its most simplistic form we look at how each of us have our own layer of energy or electromagnetic field which is a blueprint of ourselves. This layer draws in towards it energy from situations, often it can seem like we land ourselves in situations time & time again. It is where our own energy & that of a situation meet that the emotion is spontaneously created.

However if the emotions build up in our cells, they create a rewiring effect & lead to symptoms & dis-ease (literally the body being ill at ease). Through a straightforward process, Mickel Therapy has evolved highly effective techniques to allow the emotions to pass out of the cells & return the individual back to full health.

The next exciting step is in the future we aim to work with children focusing on prevention of illness rather than just cure.

Saul Levitt, Accredited Mickel Therapist.
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