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Maternity Reflexology

Reflexology can help expectant mothers stay calm and relaxed throughout their pregnancy and provide relief from a variety of symptoms such as morning sickness, insomnia, fatigue, backache, heartburn, etc. Maternity Reflexology is a supportive therapy specifically tailored to assist with the conditions of sub-fertility, IVF support, pregnancy, and childbirth. Maternity Reflexology promotes deep relaxation and homeostasis of the body. It is a calming and enjoyable treatment that complements all stages of pregnancy.


Pre-conceptual care
The most important developments in the womb take place in the first few months of pregnancy. Because of this, it is ideal to use reflexology, nutrition, and exercise to place the body in the optimum state for conception and early fetal development. It is recommended to begin preparing about 4 months before attempting conception. This gives the body a chance to clear itself of toxins.

Since the potential father will also be playing a key role in the conception, he should be making an effort to contribute healthy sperm by ensuring that all of his body systems are functioning optimally. Reflexology treatments, good nutrition, and exercise can be of similar benefit to the father.

Pregnant womanPregnancy
The body undergoes miraculous changes in order to cater to the growing fetus. Since every system is affected, it is important for the health of the expectant mother and for the health of the new baby that steps be taken to ensure everything is kept in balance. It is a precious time when you, the mother, need to be nurtured and cherished. Sequences and techniques are adapted specifically for pregnancy. It can help with a variety of symptoms. By promoting good blood flow within your whole body, maternity reflexology helps ensure oxygen and other vital nutrients are reaching your baby.

Pregnancy is often a time of heightened emotions and vulnerability. Treatments can also provide you with an opportunity to discuss issues that are concerning you. This is the ultimate opportunity for you to relax and communicate with your unborn child.

Timing of treatments
Treatments can begin early in the pregnancy and continue at regular intervals, becoming more frequent as the delivery date approaches. While this is ideal, reflexology is sadly often not considered until the later months of pregnancy. Fortunately, even beginning sessions at a later stage can still have tremendous benefits for both the mother and the baby.

Labour and birth
There are increasing reports from new mothers who believe that regular reflexology sessions and a healthy lifestyle throughout the pregnancy helped them have a good birth experience. Maternity reflexology works to put you in the best possible state to cope and to make a good recovery. I have, like many other qualified and experienced maternity reflexologists, attended a number of births as a Douala. I offer a set fee if you would like to have reflexology during on the big day (or night!)

Parents and babyMother and newborn
Although giving birth is a joyous time in a woman's life, there can also be exhaustion, soreness, and mixed emotions that overshadow the wondrous event. Your body and mind has gone through a great deal during the pregnancy and birth. Reflexology can help restore balance and harmony back to the non-pregnant state. A session following the birth provides you with an opportunity to relate your experience, discuss your feelings, and give you some much needed time for yourself. Sessions also provide you with the opportunity to show you how to work the baby's feet to help with minor problems.

"Sub-fertility is the state of being unable to conceive after one year of unprotected intercourse and the term may be used to refer to a state of having never conceived or that of having difficulty in conceiving again after having previously conceived"

Many couples who are having difficulty conceiving are told there is nothing wrong physically and that their problem is primarily psychological. Worrying about being infertile can make the situation worse - you can't fall pregnant until you relax and you can't relax until you fall pregnant. Anxiety and worry can create the very physical problems that prevent conception.

Non-physical causes of sub-fertility often lie in unnecessary stress and worry. Reflexology encourages a deep relaxation which alleviates stress and tension so that conception may take place.

Reflexology works on balancing all of the body systems to provide a healthy body for conception to take place. Gentle pressure to reflex points balances the hormonal system and stimulates the reproductive organs. Both women and men can benefit from treatments for individual reasons, such as regulation of menstruation and stimulation of sperm production.

IVF Support
The stress reduction benefits of reflexology cannot be under estimated. Anything that can assist in boosting endorphin production (feel good hormones) and reduce stress hormones can only be a good thing. There have been studies carried out recently to back up the positive effect of endorphins during fertility treatments. I can offer treatments prior to having IVF to prepare your body for the massive changes that are about to take place, and again, when pregnancy has been confirmed.

Sarah Yapp BA (Hons) ITEC MCThA
Sarah Yapp Therapies

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