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The Magic Jigsaw - Visualisation

The Magic Jigsaw

Below is an example of a visualisation to exercise your imagination and help you to relax mentally. It is best to read this when you are somewhere comfortable with nothing of importance to do for the next 10 minutes. Make the images as vivid as you can and at the same time, allow your body to relax by taking slow, deep breaths.


Imagine you are spending a quiet moment completing a difficult jigsaw one sunny afternoon. There are three pieces remaining and you are beginning to see the picture emerging in front of you. There are lots of blues and whites, which now seem to be revealing a picture of a waterfall. As you put in place the last segment of the puzzle, an amazing thing happens – the image before you comes to life and you lean closer to hear the rush of the water as it tumbles from up high into the clear pool below. The Magic JigsawYou breathe in the fresh scent of summer and find yourself transported to the edge of the pool in the picture itself. There is a cosy blanket laid out at your feet and a silk pillow for your head. Breathing a sigh of appreciation, you lower yourself down onto the blanket and lie back, listening to the bubbling water nearby.

The sun beats down and, feeling a little warm, you reach over and dip a hand into the pool of cool, swilling liquid. Eventually desiring more refreshment, you decide to swing yourself round and plunge your feet and ankles into the coolness. The water feels soft and clean, and you can see that the bottom of the pool is made of sparkling gems and particles of gold. Reaching down to select a shimmering emerald, you find that the water is barely inches deep and yet your feet and hands are remarkably buoyant as they bob up effortlessly to the surface. You decide to slide slowly into the pool and float over to the falling water nearby.

As you feel the cool mist land on your face, a stunning rainbow appears, arching around your body suspended over the gems and crystals beneath you. Surrounded by surreal colour, you feel a surge of well-being as you allow the tumbling water to wash away all your cares whilst you bathe in the soft, supporting pool.

And now you can gently bring your thoughts back to the here and now. Let your mind and body return to full alertness by taking a couple of deep breaths and counting up to five.

Catherine Blackwood
Essex Hypnotherapy

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