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Kinesiology – a gentle system of holistic healing suitable for everyone.

Kinesiology – a gentle system of holistic healing suitable for everyone.

Kinesiology is a touch therapy that links traditional Chinese acupuncture with a western approach using muscle testing with anatomy and physiology.


The idea is to bring about balance in the body by releasing energy blocks, eliminating toxins, reducing tension and enhancing the body’s natural healing.

Kinesiology has been successful with (these listed are just a few): arthritis, addictions, allergies/sensitivities, chronic fatigue, diarrhea/constipation, digestive problems, electro-magnetic field imbalances, headaches/ migraines, insomnia, phobias, mood swings, menopause/PMS, skin problems, sports injuries and all emotional issues.

The body is regarded as being the library of knowing on a very deep and subtle level. The body can only acknowledge truth. It is an intricate network where if a part of the body is suffering dis-ease, in any form, then the whole body is affected. 99.9% of all physical ailments are caused by emotion/emotions. Kinesiology can, with your help, locate that emotion. The A system of health care that treats the person as a whole and restores balance.emotion is then ‘freed’ from its hold on the physical body, after which natural remedies are tested to find the appropriate one to support and maintain the integrity of the corrections made.

Kinesiology can be beneficial as a ‘distance’ therapy, a surrogate for the person in need can do the work, and the permission must first be sought and given from the person needing the help.

A system of health care that treats the person as a whole and restores balance.

The treatment requires you to lay fully clothed with one arm partially raised; gentle slight pressure will be applied to your arm to gain access to your inner wisdom. Your arm is used as an indicator for a yes or no reply.

Kinesiology is proven to resolve many physical, emotional, mental and spiritual problems/issues. One excellent web site is which gives examples and details of what kinesiology can do for you, with case histories.

Frequently in treatments, homeopathic remedies will be tested on the body and sometimes given orally, but only with the body’s permission. In my clinic in Southend-on-Sea, and also within a prestigious store in central London, I use only natural remedies for support, i.e. Bach flower remedies, Mandala essences, sea essences from the Pacific Ocean, crystal essences and many more. The appropriate remedy is tailored to each individual thus ensuring the maximum effect.

It is important to realise that with kinesiology it is vital that the patient accepts responsibility for their health, as you will play a large part in the healing process.

Gina Butler KFRP, GS.
Gina is an experienced Kinesiology Federation registered practitioner and Geopathic Stress consultant with a thriving clinic in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. She also practices part-time within a prestigious store in central London.

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