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Karuna Reiki – Living in the Light

Karuna Reiki – Living in the Light


Karuna means compassion in Sanskrit. The term is commonly used in Buddhism, as well as Hinduism. It can be translated as the action taken to alleviate suffering of mankind. One could described Karuna Reiki® as compassionate action and love, in an energy form. It has been developed from the more common form of Reiki, Usui Reiki. It is said to be more powerful than Usui Reiki and can bring about profound healing in the client. It has great transformational power.

This system of healing was developed by William Rand, in the US. He was given a number of energies, in the form of symbols, which were channelled by other Reiki masters. After few years he called upon his most spiritually sensitive students and they began experimenting with these to ascertain their usefulness. They also experimented with an attunement process to go with the symbols that had the best energies. Through inner guidance Mr Rand developed the attunement further and slowly a new system emerged. In 1995 this system was defined and named Karuna Reiki®.

RoseKaruna Reiki® is a healing energy that enables us to awaken to the compassion and wisdom that each and every one of us has laying dormant inside. Compassion is a state of consciousness, which when awakened will lead us to perform good actions for the benefit of self and others. Compassion can be awakened from suffering, which causes us to change and become more patient, understanding and empathetic. It can also be awakened from spiritual practise and receiving and giving Karuna Reiki®.

Enlightened individuals have developed compassion to such degree that that they make no distinction between themselves and others. They see everybody as their own self. They state that we are all one. This means that if we are all one then we must wish to offer compassion to everybody, not only to ourselves. This is done not only out of love but because it is a logical thing to do. Naturally, compassion needs to be accompanied by wisdom, otherwise it will not be of use e.g. giving a beggar money will not help as much as giving him/her food. A better world can be created with the practise of a little compassion.

Karuna Reiki® consists of twelve different energies, some of which appear in other systems of healing. However a distinction can be made between them due to the fact that the intention and attunement process is different in Karuna Reiki®. This fact makes the Karuna Reiki® energies completely unique, to this system of healing. Training in Karuna Reiki® requires that one must be a practising Usui Reiki master first, before becoming a Karuna Reiki® practitioner and/or master. This prepares the already reiki master for the deepening of his/her energies and the opening to compassion.

Katarina is a qualified and registered Karuna Reiki® master, who works with these energies to promote healing within her clients. These energies have the ability to work on all the layers of the body at the same time. This promotes deeper healing. Some people may not have considered the fact that we are made up of many layers i.e. the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. We know this to be true when for example we worry (mental body) and as a consequence we become emotional (emotional body) and then eventually we become stressed and suffer insomnia (physical body). Anyone or several of these layers can become imbalanced at any one time.

The Karuna Reiki® energy is channelled through the therapist’s hands. Clients may sense this as tingling, heat, or by the seeing of colours. During the treatment, clients often sense the energy not just inside of themselves but all around them. The compassionate energies within this system prepare the client for deep healing, release deep rooted issues that are held at a cellular level (cells have memory!), work on the core issue by releasing negative patterns, fill the client with love and promote balance, connect the client with his/her Higher Self (the wise and all knowing wisdom within), release fear, ground the client amongst other things.

After their treatment, Katarina’s clients claim a deeper connection with the Divine and with themselves. They are able to better understand their issues and how to resolve them. No treatment is ever the same and it is an entirely unique experience. Clients appear to be able to transform their negative patterns into positive ones. Katarina's garden at her home-based practice, in Peldon, near Colchester

Katarina works from the rural location of her home-based practice, in Peldon, near Colchester. She can also be consulted at a professional treatment room in Chelmsford. Home visits will also be considered.

Karuna Reiki is the registered trademark of International Center for Reiki Training.

For further information about treatments and courses, please do not hesitate to telephone Katarina on 01206 735339 or visit


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