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My journey to the truth within

My journey to the truth within


The Editor wanted me to write something about the experiences I have had working with various different shamans and teachers, over the years. It is difficult because each teacher has been completely different, be they Sufi or a Shaman, Wise Woman or Guru. The words and practices are so varied; the one similarity is the essence, the flavour of the wisdom, the point of one-ness. The same spark of life is within everybody in the universe, and yet, it is our differences that make life so beautiful, and fascinating.

Some lessons are so profound that there are hardly words to describe the feelings, or to tell what physically happened. Some experiences are so personal and deep that they don’t even make it into my journal. Certainly to the uninitiated they may even sound mad. I can tell you about hiking up a Himalayan mountain to climb huge rocks and dive into freezing snow melt waterfalls, in order to cleanse my soul, and release fear. I can tell you about dancing wildly in a dark room whilst imagining I am an ape, a fish or a tiger…… or I could tell you about being with the elders of the remote Spanish village where I used to live and watching them carve up a wild boar in the early morning light…. Whatever I tell you will only give you a glimpse into what is the most fascinating of realms, and one that if you should choose to enter will reveal to you all the colours and poetry of the universe.

Just a glimpse,
working with the Shamans

A wonderful wise woman, who just happened to be a High Priestess DruidI started on this path seven years ago when I began to claw deeper into who I am, and look beneath the surface of my seemingly successful and fun city life. What began was a journey of amazing coincidences and joy mixed with extreme trauma, as I began to search for a way to live in more truth.

I was aided on this journey to begin with by a wonderful wise woman, who just happened to be a High Priestess Druid. I watched her mystified by what she did, and if the truth be known, a little sceptical.

One evening I saw her give healing to a person who had been suffering with recurrent headaches. A week later I was working on a short budget film when the Director was struck down with severe migraine. Remembering the healing work, I asked if I could help. I knew that there was danger for me, a novice, but I wanted to try. After a few minutes of putting my hands over his head and telling him to visualise a boat on rocky water, slowly becoming calm, he opened his eyes, a smile on his face. The migraine had completely gone and we were able to continue filming, that is, without a wardrobe mistress, as I soon started to experience the flashing lights signalling the onset of my own migraine. I have since learned how to protect myself, and to offload the energies which I can pick up through the healing work.

After that experience I have been convinced of the amazing powers that we all contain to heal others. If I can do it then anyone can. So my quest began for people who could teach me how to safely heal people and to educate others to do likewise.

It is not a simple matter finding the right teachers and the path that I took makes a very long and amusing read. My teachers came in many guises, (including a cat) but their main similarity is that they all took me back to myself and made me listen within.

One experience left me stranded and alone on an Indian train, without an inch of space to squeeze my tired and dusty body into (not even next to the stinking latrine). As the final whistle was blown, a voice told me to get onto the first class carriage. As I did so I prayed in desperation that this 12 hour train journey could be done in some dignity and comfort. At that instant the voice of a Manchester Angel came ringing into my ears and I ran down the carriage swinging back the curtain to reveal my friend Charlie, with a spare seat just for me. I had just left a very intense Shamanic course, teaching us to listen and to ask for precisely what we need at the right moment, it was a chance to prove to myself what I had learnt.

I continue my research and personal development and listen within at every opportunity. At the same time teaching, empowering, and inspiring other people to break lose and play like children with this energy which is our God given right to use, for our own healing and growth.

Sarah Yapp BA (Hons) ITEC MCThA
Sarah Yapp Therapies


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