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Find that Inner Calm with Meditation

Human Doings or Human Beings? Find that Inner Calm with Meditation


At this moment, the sun is shining, the birds in my garden are singing their hearts out and preparing nests and there is a definite feel of Spring about the place. That isn’t to say that things may change. That is the very nature of Life . .things change - nothing stays the same - and our weather is no exception. The present moment is a time of change for us all. In fact at times it seems as if so many things that were safe and familiar are no longer there to be relied on. The banking institutions have let us down, jobs houses and salaries may not be so secure and the High Streets are changing daily. We only have to turn on the television, radio or open a newspaper to be bombarded with doom and gloom news.

So how do we combat that feeling of being overwhelmed by all this change and negative thinking.

We are constantly bombarded with noise, news, views, advertising and hype. Buy this product and you will feel wonderful, look younger, look like a film star . .follow this diet and you will look slim, trim and adorable . . .wear these clothes and you will look a million dollars . .and of course, you will need all the latest gizmos, ipods, boxes, electronic games there may not be the finances to fuel all this advertising hype.and latest technology if you are to feel worthy and up to the minute. Confusing and fuelling the fire of needing more, and feeling inadequate if we don’t have everything - now! We are once again on the treadmill of looking ‘out there’ for something or someone to make us happy! When we have the latest . . . .whatever it is . .we will feel complete! . . Or will we? And now the reality is hitting home, that there may not be the finances to fuel all this advertising hype.

The truth of the matter is, that in order to find the peace of mind we seek, we need none of these things. I am not advocating a life of abstinence and denial. I feel that we can have the things we want, we can live the life we want, we can be the person we want, but things outside of us will not bring peace or happiness. Firstly we need to go within ourselves, to find the peace and strength that is within each and everyone of us. As we build that core inner strength, as we begin the relationship of a lifetime, that is, a strong and deep understanding of ourselves, then we will find the inner peace we are searching for. This will be a source of strength and peace that we can use to improve our health, relationships, self esteem and creativity and it will last a lifetime..

This inner calm can bring a new understanding of who we truly are, what we really want from life, and how we can all make a difference to the world we live in. It can hep us focus and concentrate, clear the mind and assist at work and any new projects. A deeper understanding of ourselves can help us with our relationships at home and work. It can help us find the person that gets lost in all the busy-ness of daily life and the fears and doubts of living. It can help us recharge our batteries when we are low and find that stillness and tranquillity we are seeking.

How can we do this? My suggestion is to try the gentle art of Meditation.

Tranquil sunsetMeditation has been practised, with great success, for centuries. It is a way of finding peace in a busy world. It does not have to be aligned to any religion, spiritual practice or dogma. There is no need for expensive equipment or membership fees to expensive gyms. It can be practised anywhere and can easily become part of your daily routine. It draws on your own inner resources. It strengthens your understanding with body, mind and spirit and can be hugely empowering in fostering a greater sense of well being and personal responsibility., thus maximising your life choices.

Just a few minutes a day, can bring remarkable results. 15 minutes a day, not a huge investment in time, can bring great dividends. You can meditate on your own, or better still in a group or with a teacher for guidance and support. For some years now I have been running a successful and friendly Meditation Group. There is an Introductory Course in March and an ongoing Tuesday Evening Class (7.30 - 9.30) at Great Stony Arts and Leisure centre in Chipping Ongar. In these uncertain times, and for some troubling and challenging times, find some peace of mind and inner strength and commit to your own well-being and inner peace.

Start investing in yourself. It could be the best gift you ever make. I invite you to come and join us, or a group near you, and see if Meditation is for you.

For more information please Contact Sue Thomas 07881921812
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