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 Hot Stone Massage

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Hot Stone Therapy - The Rolls Royce of Massage


Hot Stone Therapy - The Rolls Royce of Massage

There is nothing new in the use of stones for healing. The Chinese, Russians, Japanese, Hawaiian Kahumas, Mayan Indians and the Mapuche Healers of Chile have all used stones for ritual and healing over thousands of years.


Hot Stone TherapyAnd now, comparatively new to this country, we can experience the Rolls Royce of massage – The Hot Stone Massage. If you are looking for a seriously indulgent massage then this is definitely for you!

But hot stone therapy is far more than just a delightful, sensual massage. It goes beyond the physical experience of a typical massage to produce a deep penetrating state of physical and mental wellbeing.

Smooth, heated basalt stones are applied to the body as an extension of the therapist’s hands. One massage stroke with a warm stone is equivalent to between five and ten strokes with the hand. As the heated stones glide over the skin warmth is radiated through the body. You will feel totally cocooned and relaxation is instant.

Heat from the stones is said to:
Increase both the circulation and the metabolism
Stimulate the lymph node to assist in detoxification, thereby boosting immunology
Relax and soothe tired, sore and aching muscles
Allow spiritual balancing and healing to take place.

Hot Stone TherapyAs with all therapies, there are many variations. Some therapists use both hot stones and cold stones – normally frozen marble. This is likened to using a yin and yang approach and is called ‘geothermotherapy’. It is said that this combination of hot and cold temperatures from the stones penetrates the body even deeper. So when you book your therapy, and you really must give this a try, do ask your chosen therapist what you can expect.

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