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 Babies and Children
 Sheila Steptoe

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Grandparents & Children
enjoying each other


If you are not a grandparent it is difficult to explain the joys grandchildren bring to us. We, as grandparents, can play such a big part in our grandchildren’s lives and I am sure we are put on this earth to spoil them!

Babies and Children

Grandparents with grandchildren arrivingWe are often not around them 24/7 so have more patience. We make time to listen to them, play with them, share knowledge, teach them, spoil them, are non-judgmental, and we have a different kind of relationship than we had with our own children. Grandparents can and do play a big role. Unfortunately not all of our own children feel like that and let us. Most do thankfully, but I have recently become a volunteer on the help line of the Grandparents Association and I am horrified at what I hear. So many phone calls, and it seems that a lot of children become pawns within a breakdown of a relationship, be it between parents and child, or between partners. Most children have fun and love their parents and grandparents, even if they think we are old and wrinkly! They do not seem to notice or care and to be separated from either is cruel. I know from my own experience. Some statistics say - 60% of families in the UK alone will have some form of breakdown at some time. That’s millions of families here in the UK and Grandfather and babyaround the world. Far too many. Let’s stop making our children pawns. Stop and think please, because they are often the innocent victims which can have repercussions in later life.

Unfortunately, as grandparents, we will not be around for eternity but we love having you in our lives and we enjoy every minute of you all. We are proud of you whether you are a few months old or a teenager - you are our pride and joy and keep us happy.

For many years I have been estranged from my daughter and grandaughter but I have two other grandchildren whom I also adore. One is only a few months old but my grandson is 4 and I see them as often as I can. We play, we laugh, we cuddle, we have secrets, and I baby sit when I can, which makes that our special time. One thing I do sometimes which is fun and costs very little. At Easter or if I go over and take sweets, instead of just giving them to him, I hide them in the garden, under plants, behind bushes, and he loves it. Silly, but enjoyable. Why not try it next time you see your grandchild. It will put a smile on their face at whatever age.

Sheila Steptoe.

The Grandparents Association can be contacted on 0845 434 9585

Grandparents with grandchildren leaving

Sheila Steptoe is the author of the best selling book, ‘Before I Get Old and Wrinkly!’ It is written in two parts to help others. The first part is a letter to her children. To anyone who has not read her book, part of it was about the struggle she had with her daughter over a few years and the climax of a horrendous separation from her granddaughter, which as she says "broke my heart".
Her daughter began to reflect since reading the book, and finally allowed Sheila to see her granddaughter for the first time in nearly three years. "Oh, the joy it brought to me and her was and is beyond words".


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