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Glycaemic Index


When we talk about the glycaemic index we are talking about carbohydrates, that’s foods such as pasta, rice bread, cereal and potatoes, although carbohydrate is also found in all fruits and vegetables and in other foods. Each food is given a rating on a scale of 1-100, and the lower the rating, the better. The highest ranking food is Glucose at 100. Anything with a rating above 70 is considered high GI, a rating between 55-70 is medium GI and below 55 is a low GI. Higher the fibre content the lower the GI ranking is likely to be. Focusing on foods that that provide slow, steady amounts of energy throughout the day helps control blood sugar levels.

Glycaemic Index of Common Foods

Breads and Grains GI Fruits GI Starchy Vegetables GI
Waffle 76 Watermelon 72 Baked Potatoes 83
Doughnut 76 Pineapple 66 Instant Potatoes 83
Bagal 72 Raisins 64 Mashed Potatoes 73
White Bread 70 Banana 53 Carrots 71
Wholewheat Bread 69 Grapes 52 Sweet Potatoes 50
Wheat Rice 56 Oranges 43 Green peas 48
Instant Rice 91 Apple 30 Boiled & Peeled Potatoes 70
Maize (corn on the cob) 70 Cherries 22    
Brown Rice 55 Pear 35 Snacks GI
White Spaghetti 41 Apple Juice 40 Rice Cakes 82
Wholewheat Spaghetti 37     Corn Chips 73
Barley 25 Legumes GI Popcorn 55
Wheat Kernels 41 Baked Beans 48 Potato Chips 54
Basmati Rice 50 Chick Peas 33 Chocolate 49
Rye Wholemeal bread 40 Butter Beans 31 Peanuts 14
Cereals GI Lentils 29 Crackers 80
Rice Krispies 82 Kidney Beans 27 Dried Apricots 35
Corn Flakes 70 Soy Beans 18 Digestive Biscuit 59
Cheerios 74        
Shedded Wheat 69 Dairy GI Sugars GI
Weetabix 69 Ice Cream 61 Honey 90
Porridge with water 42 Yoghurt skimmed 35 Sucrose 65
All Bran 42 Full fat milk 27 Lactose 46
Puffed Rice 95 Skimmed milk 32 Fructose 23

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