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Feng Shui and Space Clearing in Essex

Feng Shui and Space Clearing


Have you ever walked into a room and felt the atmosphere change. Is there a room in your home where you feel uncomfortable? Energetically, everything that happens in a building, actions and emotions, ripples out like the effect of a stone dropped in a pond and becomes recorded in the walls, floors, furniture and objects, plants, animals and people.

This build up of negative energy over a period of time
will cause stagnation and blockages in the chi flow
and in turn affect the health of the occupants and their lives.

For example if you are not getting on well with your partner or you have difficulty in finding a partner, it may be down to stagnant chi affecting the relationship area of your home. This negative chi can also affect other life areas such as your health, career, good fortune, creativity and much more.

Were the previous occupants happy and healthy?When moving home it is important to find out some information about the previous occupants. Were they happy and healthy? Sometimes there is a pattern that occurs with houses such as couples divorcing, ill health or bad luck. The house may have been so badly affected by the events of the past there may be deeper issues to resolve and in this event it would be advisable to employ a professional space clearer to cleanse the whole house.

The same applies to a business. If a certain area of your business is failing, e.g. falling profits, lack of staff motivation or business recognition, this could be linked to an area that is affected with stagnant energy.

It is always advisable when you move to a new home to space clear before moving in. One way of space clearing negative chi is by using sound. The sound waves ripple outward through the air stirring up the chi. If the old stagnant chi is free to move some of it will then flow out of the room leaving space for fresh chi to enter.

Clean the area from dust and clear away any clutterThere are several ways in which you can space clear your home. Firstly, prepare the room you want to clear by opening all the windows and doors. Clean the area from dust and clear away any clutter. Wear lose clothing and remove any jewellery. Stand at the entrance of the room and concentrate on the job to be done. Focus your mind to clearing the room. Say the words in your head ‘clear negative energy’. Clap your hands around the perimeter of the room and especially in the corners. If you combine your clapping while letting out a powerful quick breath or even chanting this will get the chi moving more quickly.

A hand bell is another useful tool. In the same way, ring it around the room and in all the corners especially where dust collects. The sound waves will get the chi moving again and encourage fresh chi energy into those areas.

Incense, sage and music will also stir up any stagnant chi and get it flowing more freely.

Any remaining chi can be absorbed by sprinkling sea salt into places which you still feel need cleansing. In the morning vacuum or sweep up the salt and take outside to get rid of the negative energy. This can be repeated until you feel the chi in the room has been refreshed.

Space clearing raises and revitalises the energy in our own personal spaces and in doing so raises the quality of our lives. It promotes healing on a physical and emotional level and is great remedy for tiredness and fatigue.

When you should consider space clearing.

  1. When you have moved into a new property.
  1. To clear conflict in the home including after being burgled or robbed as this can create a very negative feeling in the home.Space clearing is a good way to initiate new changes in your life
  1. After physical or psychological illness: if a family member has been ill then the atmosphere in the home will be affected.
  1. After big life changes: bereavements, separations, divorce or even a change of job.
  1. To make a fresh start in life. Space clearing is a good way to initiate new changes in your life.

Space clearing refreshes the space and is excellent to use in therapy rooms. In hospitals it helps discharge the energy and psychic debris that builds up where people are constantly sick or dying, which otherwise would effect an already weak and vulnerable person’s ability to recover.

The uses of space clearing are infinite. If you have problems that may be causes by negative chi then space clearing is a powerful technique for clearing and harmonising energy in your home or working environment.

Jackie Tyrrell, accredited Feng Shui consultant
Feng Shui Pathway

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