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Feng Shui in the Home

Feng Shui in the Home

Feng Shui is the practice of analysing and influencing the interaction between people buildings and the environment to enhance the quality of life. Originating in ancient China its basis is Chi, the vital energy in all things.


Feng Shui was first developed in China some 4,000 – 7,000 years ago, although the ideas governing this fascinating subject are similar to those found in other parts of the world. The fundamental concept at the heart of Feng Shui is the desire for balance, unity and harmony in every aspect of the home and of life.

Feng Shui gives us advice on how to create environments in which we feel comfortable and supported. Some of these environments are common sense. Others may not make sense until we understand that by recognizing problems areas in our lives and taking positive steps to improve them, we can connect to the energy of the spaces around us and bring about desired changes.


Feng Shui is about manipulating and balancing the flow of Chi so it moves freely. This will make the atmosphere bright, fully charged and uplifting.

Chi is an invisible life force or energy that flows through all things. It is an energy that is more subtle than electric, magnetic and thermo-nuclear energies.

Chi flows into our homes through windows and doors. A fundamental principle of Feng Shui is that the home is an accurate reflection of our lives and therefore Chi that is moving too fast or stagnating in the home means that some area of our life will be affected.

clear away that clutterClutter is the biggest obstacle to a smooth flow of Chi because it creates a blockage that prevents it from maneuvering. If the house is cluttered the Chi will circulate sluggishly around. The stagnation will, in turn affect the occupants making them feel confused, sick or stuck in a rut.

On the other hand if the energy within the home moves too fast this can make you feel under pressure and you are therefore more likely to act impetuously. Also Chi moves too fast where you can see through the house from the front door to the back door. Fast moving Chi from the front to the back of the house is often associated with losing wealth (money coming in but going straight out again).


Your Chi connections with cherished items are like beautiful golden silk strands. With physical and emotional clutter, they are like black heavy balls and chains. Cutting the balls and chains will enable you to move forward into the future making you feel lighter and less burdened.
Understanding why we collect clutter is an important first step in letting go of it. Clutter can be defined as anything which is not:-

  1. Genuinely useful.
  2. Genuinely cherished or loved.
  3. Orderly.

Only you can decide if something is genuinely useful or loved. It is how you perceive it.
Blockages of Chi in the home reflect blockages in your own body and in your life which will significantly affect your well-being.

By clearing the clutter in your home you can radically transform your life.

Identifying clutter in the Feng Shui areas

  1. Career/Life Journey - NORTH
    When you have clutter here it can seem as though life is an uphill struggle.
  1. Relationships, Love, Marriage – SOUTH WEST
    A cluttered relationships area can cause difficulty in finding a partner or problems in an existing relationship.
  1. Elders, Family, Community, Neighbours – EAST
    Clutter in the East can cause problems with superiors and parents, as well as within your family or community as a whole.
  1. Prosperity, Wealth, abundance, fortunate blessings - SOUTH EAST
    Clutter in this area will clog up your cash flow and make it hard work to create abundance in your life.
  1. Tai Chi/Health – CENTRE OF HOUSE
    Clutter here has damaging health consequences and your life will lack a meaningful central focus.
  1. Helpful friends, Travel – NORTH WEST
    Clutter in this area blocks the flow of support in your life so you will feel like you are going it alone a lot of the time. It also inhibits plans to travel.
  1. Creativity, Offspring - WEST
    If this area is cluttered you are likely to experience blocks in your creativity and difficulties in relationships with children or people working for you.
  1. Knowledge, Wisdom, Self Improvement – NORTH EAST
    Clutter in this area limits your ability to learn, make wise decisions and improve yourself.
  1. Fame, Reputation, Illumination - SOUTH
    When this area is cluttered it can cause your reputation and your popularity to wane. Enthusiasm will also be in short supply.

Top Ten Tips for Clearing Clutter

  1. Clearing clutter from your home will take time. It is important not to rush at clearing the whole house at once. Start when you are ready and take it slowly, just by clearing out one draw you will feel your energy lift.
  2. Having lots of clutter makes you feel tired. Clearing it releases energy and you will feel better both in mind, body and spirit.
  3. Your home (or workplace) is a mirror of you. Don’t hold yourself back by hanging onto things ‘just in case’.
  4. Clear out your junk room. This area may be affecting a certain aspect of your life.
  5. It is important to clear out your clutter before putting into place any Feng Shui cures. If you don’t you may make your problems worse.
  6. If something is broken, fix it or throw it out!
  7. Clear out your wardrobe. Only keep your favourite thingsClear out your wardrobe. Only keep your favourite things and in future only buy things that you really love. If you look good – you will feel good.
  8. Clutter also lurks in corridors and behind doors. Be sure to be thorough.
  9. Clear your desk! If you have mountains of paperwork you could feel defeated before you start. A clear desk means a clear mind and you will perform better in the work you do.
  10. Bring your work load up to date. Do all those jobs you have been promising to do and your energy levels will soar!

 Case History ............... click here


An interesting case study is a lady from South West London – we’ll call her Sue

Sue wanted to find someone to have a meaningful relationship with but she was rarely asked out and the relationships never lasted.

As I entered her one bedroom flat, directly opposite me was a full length mirror on a sliding door that concealed her bathroom. This in itself was a major problem because it meant that any beneficial, nourishing chi would immediately be reflected back out of her home.

After taking compass readings I established the bathroom area and the full length mirror were in the South West - the relationship area.

In addition there was an issue of clutter in certain places of the home and especially in the bathroom. Clutter in the bathroom consisted of out of date medication, untried cosmetics and samples, unused bath oils and perfumes, along with a full waste paper bin, empty bottles and an unpolished mirror. There was also a picture of a lone female on the bathroom wall. 

I advised to cover the full length mirror to stop the good nourishing energy (chi) from being reflected out of her home.  I also advised Sue to clean the bathroom and remove any clutter and also to take down the picture of the solitary lady. Single items or artwork depicting solitude can have a subconscious negative affect on our lives. 

In addition to clearing Geopathic Stress and Space Clearing her home, I advised Sue to place a cure into the area in the form of the element earth. My recommendation was two pieces of rose quartz which she could place into her relationship area. When placing the cure, it was necessary for her to go through a process of visualisation and intention of how she wanted that area of her life to be.

A few months later I contacted her for feedback and she was pleased that the atmosphere in her home had changed and she felt happier and more positive. In addition she had been asked out on a few dates!

Jackie Tyrrell, accredited Feng Shui consultant
Feng Shui Pathway

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