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 Walking in Bradwell

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Dowsing at Bradwell


Dowsing at Bradwell

When you think of Bradwell on Sea, does your mind immediately go to the decommissioned yet unsightly power station? Well, your thoughts are are missing the real wonder and majesty of the area! At the confluence of two rivers, the Blackwater and the Colne, as they flow into the North Sea, is an area rich in beauty and wild life. It is a joy to visit to experience the healthy sea air and the vast skies are a delight both by day and night.


What might not be known so well is that the oldest stone church in Britain is on this coastline and is known as St Peter’s on the Wall. It was built in 654AD by St Cedd, a Celtic monk who travelled in a small boat down the East coast from Lindisfarne to create a scriptorium here and preach Christianity to the natives of Anglia. He used the stone from a ruined fort, built by the St Peter’s on the WallRomans to protect the East coast from invasion from Europe and left derelict when they left in the early years of the fifth century. Cedd’s work was such a success, he became a Bishop and his little chapel of St Peter became known as a Cathedral.

Approximately 40,000 people visit the area each year to enjoy the peace and beauty of this special place. Every July, a pilgrimage takes place, some walk from Chipping Ongar but most walking from St Thomas’s Church in Bradwell Village. St Thomas’s is also worth a visit as its history dates from the fourteenth century and there are ancient gravestones in the churchyard, beautiful stained glass windows (one depicting Moses) and other fine antique details.

There is a Christian Ecumenical Community at Bradwell that has utilised the name of the Roman fort, Othona, and this is closely situated beside St Peter’s Chapel. Othona is open for conferences, weddings, retreats and other residential events, either catered or self catering. It was here that I held a dowsing and dreams workshop over the weekend of Michaelmass to try to find if any ley-lines could be detected in the vicinity of the chapel. Dowsing has never been Every July, a pilgrimage takes placeprohibited by the Christian Church and receives mentions in many Old Testament stories, not least when the Israelites are wandering in the desert for forty years led by Moses. The people were so thirsty that they threatened to murder him, but he struck a rock with his rod and sufficient drinking water flowed out to save the lives of the people and Moses himself was also saved.

Our small group found a ley line running along the old Roman Road directly to the West door of the Church. Within the church, the energies were also extremely strong, registering a hot spot within the centre of the nave and around the NE and SE corners. Energy left the building to the South and also ran along the sea wall to the North. More research needs to be done to clarify whether there is a vortex or grid lines and to discover the extent and the degree of these energies.

With the use of a hazel rod we tested for water dowsing over a pail of water and the rod reacted immediately. There is a known well in Bradwell Village but the monks would very likely have had a closer source of drinking water and on another occasion, we hope to find it.

If you visit the area, please do not cut down tree branches that grow along the coastal paths. Permission must always be sought from the farmer’s prior to trampling on agricultural land. Leave dowsing to the professionals and visit the area to enjoy its tranquillity and special mystery.

Wendy Stokes
If you are interested in dowsing or dreams, contact:

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