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Getting to the bottom of Colon Hydrotherapy

Getting to the bottom

of Colon Hydrotherapy

Gillian McKeith’s popular TV programme and book “You Are What You Eat” has raised the profile of Colon Hydrotherapy considerably. It has also blown the myth that it is not just the “trendy” treatment for the rich and famous. She has dealt with people from all walks of life and the results have been outstanding.
We hope the following article will answer the question,


The Digestive system showing the colonTo answer the question we have to know exactly what the colon is.

The colon is the last five foot of one of the largest of all the body systems, the digestive system, which is a 30’ long continuous tube from mouth to anus.

The colon has two major functions.

1. ABSORBTION - The colon wall absorbs water and nutrients back into the bloodstream. It can when healthy manufacture vitamins, so it would only make sense for this to be a “clean” environment.

2. DISPOSAL - It is our waste disposal system. Discarded food matter and natural cellular waste, part of our normal existence, are disposed of in the colon. It is also the site for disposing of toxic waste collected by the bloodstream and lymphatic system.

To have a healthy body and strong immune system it is extremely important to have a healthy working colon. Unfortunately today the colon is under attack and has more enemies than ever. These include:-

STRESS - work, pace of life, depression, unhappiness, all of which have a mental and a physical effect on the body and colon.

DIET - fast life styles have produced fast food, lacking in fibre. Even our so called healthy food can contain chemicals, additives and fertilisers. Excess alcohol and smoking all have an effect on the working of the colon.

LACK OF EXERCISE - easy travel, television, computers, a sedentary lifestyle, all make the body sluggish and slows down metabolism. All these things and many more can slow down the colon. The colon becomes full of putrefying food, bacteria and indigestible chemicals, some of which can attach to the colon wall. This leads to a process called “autointoxication”. Instead of removing toxins out of the body it absorbs toxins from the colon into the bloodstream, overburdening other organs, affecting our health and immune system.

Typical symptoms of a toxic colon that respond well to Colon Hydrotherapy are: - , allergies, IBS, poor circulation, Candida, bad breath, body odour, colitis.

It gently introduces warm purified water into the colon. By using repeated gentle flushings of water under slight pressure waste materials, faecal matter, gas, toxic substances, and mucus trapped in the colon are softened and removed.

The system is totally enclosed, the waste goes straight from the therapy session into the drains. All equipment is safe and sterilised to hospital standards.


  • To kick start a detox programme. Not only will it give you a ‘clean start’ but you will find yourself considering what foods you are putting in your system.
  • Helps alleviate intolerances by rinsing away Candida, thereby speeding up the diet you are following.
  • The obvious conditions that sometimes affect the bowel and colon, such as constipation, diarrhoea, IBS, diverticulitis, colitis, wind and bloated abdomen can be much improved.
  • The water introduced into the colon exercises the muscle and encourages peristalsis helping to make the system work efficiently.

At the end of a session you can feel brighter and more energetic.

It should be noted that how quickly these benefits become apparent will depend on the health of your colon and cannot necessarily be achieved with one treatment alone.

You may now be thinking that Colon Hydrotherapy is for people with some health problem but this is far from the truth. Not only does it help avoid problems but can also contribute to a feeling of well being and quality of life. Combined with nutrition, diet and exercise Colon Hydrotherapy can be part of your top to bottom health programme.

Elaine Corrigan
Colon Hydrotherapists at the Annandale Clinic - Westcliff-on-Sea.

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