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Canine Companions Require a Loving Home


Did you know that there is an RSPCA Rehoming Centre close to Waltham Abbey? Hillside Kennels in Galley Hill, Upshire, has many darling dogs awaiting rescue. After a very cold winter, they are longing for a comfortable home and regular walks. Pedigree, mongrel, slim-line, stocky, laid-back or excitable, this centre caters for them all.

Many sadly come into the centre because their owner's situation has changed and the dog has become homeless and ownerless. Some people like to have more than one dog, which is fine if they can both be managed and cared for. When more than one dog is brought to the centre, everything is done to ensure they remain together. This makes finding a home difficult but so much more rewarding! Fundraisers are always appreciated as Hillside which is a charitable trust and staffed entirely by dedicated volunteers.

AnubisAll dogs are microchipped, inoculated, neutered and given a complete health check. They are all assessed and most are trained to obey simple commands, such as sit and stand. You will be given a collar and lead and a small supply of food. You are also provided with a home visit from a contact person who will confirm you and your dog are suited together. £160 for an adult dog and £200 for a puppy! This is amazingly good value. Two of my cross-breeds have come from Hillside. They have both been wonderfully healthy and have been excellent company for the entire family. If you want to view some canine companions, details follow at the foot of this page.

When the Stow Greyhound Track in East London closed in August 2008, Barley Kennels in Galley Hill, Upshire, received over 200 of their racing greyhounds. This centre also takes in racing greyhounds from all over the UK. The ages of these dogs range from 16 months to 12 years old. 40 pedigree thoroughbred ex-racers are awaiting comfortable homes and another 30 live permanently at the kennels and need volunteers for daily mucking out and walking. Barley Kennels have regular fundraising activities that are listed on the news and events on the website link. Greyhounds make well behaved, elegant and enjoyable house and flat pets and settle in to a home environment immediately and like to watch TV from their own chair. Despite having such long legs, they require only short walks. They are gentle, calm, quiet, affectionate and emotionally sensitive and they travel well in vehicles. It is important that each greyhound is homed with the most suitable owner as some dogs are not cat, children or small dog friendly and a high fence is required as these animals can jump! Each greyhound is vetted, microchipped, neutered, inoculated and assessed. You will be given a lead, collar and muzzle and your financial donation will be spent on those greyhounds who can never be homed.

RSPCA Hillside Kennels, viewing times: 11-3pm Mon-Sat.
Tel: Dawn Field on 01992 892 881

Barley Kennels, viewing times: 10-1pm Mon-Sun.
Tel: Joy Battley on 01992 890 540

Wendy Stokes

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