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A priceless gift for your child

Baby's face

By using massage as a form of communication you can talk and sing to him, conveying strong messages on a mental, physical and spiritual level, stimulating his mind and his awareness of ‘self’, and expand his horizons to legs, feet! toes!, arms, hands! fingers!


From the moment your baby enters the world he (or she) depends on the most basic of instincts to survive. He’ll recognise you by your smell and will associate comfort and safety with your voice and touch. When you massage your baby you will be telling him that he is loved, cared for, safe and comforted. You, the parent, will gain confidence by the regular contact and will be able to notice changes, and possibly threatening conditions, by familiarising yourself with the way your child feels, looks and behaves.

The physiological benefits of massage can aid pain relief by moving wind, helping constipation and easing colic. Face massage can unblock sinuses, soothe aching gums and help teething pains. The basic exchange of toxins for fresh blood helps to smooth frown lines, encourage growth and relax muscles tensed by bouts of crying or frustration. A relaxed body and calmed mind sleeps better and for longer, giving the parents a chance to relax and regain some balance.

Demonstating baby massage on a baby dollThe gift of massage can carry on as he grows, too. Toddlers love playing ‘this little piggy’ with the leg and foot massage or ‘hickory dickory dock’ with the chest and arm massage. The benefits of bonding and stimulation can continue until they are adults.

And above all you have taught them to have a positive body image, with no fear of touching and giving comfort to others and a trust of those who care for them. A priceless gift.


Jan Holman
I.T.E.C., AP & M Ar. OM & SM. G.I.C.M. APP Dip.
Rest and Repair - Bodycare & Babycare

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