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Australian Bush Flower Essences

Australian Bush Flower Essences

Flower essences are not new to us. Ancient cultures such as the Egyptians used flowers to heal the body and emotions. The Australian Aboriginals drank dew from flowers, ate their blooms, or simply sat in clumps of flowers to absorb their vibration.

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Life support in a bottle!

The modern pioneer of flower essences Dr Bach (1886 – 1936) developed English flower essences and wrote of the flowers’ unique healing possibilities.

Grey Spider FlowerI first discovered bush flower essences while travelling in Australia 10 years ago. I bought everything I could find and researched them once back in the UK. I have since spent several weekends studying them with Ian White, who has developed the essences into the wonderful remedies they are today.

Kangaroo PawIan comes from a long line of herbalists, learning from his grandmother about the ‘healing plants’ in the Australian bush. Australia has many of the world’s oldest flowering plants and they grow in a relatively unpolluted environment. Australian flowers are unique in density of colour: reds and purples predominate - red symbolising raw physical energy and purple, higher learning.

Why are Australian essences good for the people of Essex?
Disease is an indication that our lives are out of balance and, if we address the underlying cause of the problem, we can be directed back to a more positive path. Many of today’s issues Red Sauva (Frangipani)and needs are different from those of sixty years ago. There is a tremendous new vitality in Australia and that, together with the inherent power of the land, is why Australian Bush Flower Essences are unique. The essences can speedily and effectively address psychological, spiritual and physical states that are making us ill or upset. They are considered safe and without side effects.

From hot flushes to any of life’s little emergencies such as phobias, speaking in public, nightmares and more, there is a range of sixty-five essences to help. Seven drops in bedtime drinks often works immediately, even when the recipient doesn’t know they are receiving essences! Children and animals respond exceptionally well as they have less built up negativity and old deep set beliefs, and are more in touch with their feelings.

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For happy, healthy Children!

Australian Bush Flower Essences have been used for several years in Brazilian orphanages. It was found that by adding these essences to the children’s food and Stuart Desert Peadrink, the health care bill for each child very quickly dropped from forty Brazilian reais to just five per annum, and in one orphanage pneumonia cases dropped from sixty a year to just four!

The essences work on the emotions, helping to sort out troubling issues and the health problems that result. For example, Sturt Desert Pea helps gently resolve grief which can manifest in lung problems.

How can essences help our children with their challenges?
For phobias, worries and terror: Emergency Essence is a combination of essences, and I have used it extensively.

BoabRosie was suffering nightmares. A few drops of Emergency Essence in her bed-time drink allowed her to sleep peacefully.

When three year old Emma was starting nursery she was tearful. Emergency Essence in her morning juice and in mum’s tea helped Emma play happily and mum relax, as she was struggling to leave Emma for the first time.

After taking Emergency a terrified nine year old James transformed into a young man who relished speaking in front of the school at assembly! The change was amazing and almost instant.

I always take Emergency Essence when teaching and speaking in public!
For bedwetting: Red Helmet Orchid and Dog Rose are helpful, especially when combined with Fringed VioletBowen treatments. Kidney and bladder problems can be associated with fear which the essences can gently help resolve.

If your child is being bullied: Fringed Violet will give them fortification, and the combination called Confid Essence can help to give the courage to resist or confront a bully.

When learning is difficult: essences can help in many ways to assimilate ideas and enhance all learning abilities and skills.

JacarandaFor children suffering with ADHD: Jacaranda can help with hyperactivity; Bush Fuchsia to assist the hemispheres of the brain work together, encouraging co-ordination and helping learning; Wild Potato Bush can help with frustration and Mountain Devil with aggression.

Mountain DevilFor those on the autistic spectrum: Yellow Cowslip Orchid, and Boronia for help with obsessive behaviour.

These are a few examples of how Bush Essences can help. At a consultation a formula can be mixed to suit your child and their own issues.

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Flower power for the ladies!

Peach Flower  Tea Tree BushThe beautiful pink Tea Tree bush in my garden flowered all this winter, lifting my visitors’ spirits on the darkest days. Here are some flower essences which can take some of the bumps out of life’s journey.

She-OakShe Oak, as the name implies, is a plant for women. A similarity can even be seen between the shape of the flower and that of the fallopian tube. In Australia, She Oak is used by some gynaecologists to treat hormonal imbalances and also to help resolve emotional and physical factors which inhibit fertility. Causes of infertility are often unknown and this essence helps clear blocks such as fear of how one will cope with the changes in life a child brings or emotional upsets unresolved from one’s own childhood. The combination “Woman Essence” helps women at all stages of life cope with hormonal upheavals.

Pregnancy is a time of huge emotional and physical upheaval. Morning sickness can be helped with Dagger Hakea which assists the liver break down excess oestrogen; Crowea for nausea, Dog Rose for fear plus She Oak for hormonal imbalances.
After a Caesarean Birth, Slender Rice Flower applied to the wound will help release any emotions that are locked into the scar and heal meridians that have been cut. The essence can be taken orally or added to a cream containing vitamin E and healing essential oils such as myrrh.

Black Eyed SusanEssences can really help ladies who are trying to juggle everything in life: family, career, ageing parents and the housework! Black Eyed Susan helps when we are over striving and need to find some inner peace. Jen, mother of my twin godsons uses the combination cream Calm and Clear (on herself and them) when the boys are extra boisterous and demanding!

Gymea-LilyGymea Lily is useful to help women find their inner power, particularly when running their own business or in the workplace. The flower is enormous, up to 40cm wide and on a stem of up to 7 metres high. It grows North West of Sydney. Gymea Lily helps us to break out and soar like an eagle, instead of staying in the chicken coup with the others, without upsetting too many people on the way! It also assists in mending spine and ligament injuries.

These are just a few examples of Bush Essences you can buy and try for yourself. At a consultation, a formula can be mixed to suit any individual and their personal issues.

Rosemary Cunningham BA SRN ITEC MAR MBTER
Rosemary Cunningham Complementary Therapies
Images supplied courtesy of
Australian Bush Flower Essences, all rights reserved

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