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The Land Beyond the Archway
The land beyond the Archway

Below is an example of a visualisation to exercise your imagination and help you to relax mentally. It is best to read this when you are somewhere comfortable with nothing of importance to do for the next 10 minutes. Make the images as vivid as you can and at the same time, allow your body to relax by taking slow, deep breaths.


Allow yourself to relax now if you have a spare moment with nothing that needs your attention. And this is a magical moment because it can stretch out into what seems like hours perhaps, the more relaxed you feel. So tell yourself to relax comfortably and glide effortlessly into that special moment. As you do so, you might imagine that you are being transported to a place Stone Archwaywhere time stands still altogether. A place where you find yourself on a path that leads through a stone archway, into a land beyond. As you peer around the arch and catch your first glimpse of sunshine, you are surprised to see a large brass hook set into the stone, with a sign above it saying, “Allow me to take your coat”. And of course, you then realise that all along, you had been wearing a heavy, thick coat with the pockets weighed down by your fears and anxieties. The sign goes on to explain that you will have no need for the coat or your worries once you step through the archway. You happily shrug the garment from your shoulders and watch as it hangs itself on the hook. And sure enough, as the first ray of sunshine beams down on you from beyond this archway, a light and happy feeling seems to fill your entire being.

Looking around, you see a magical land of unusual trees whose branches are covered in a blanket of soft green moss. In the distance is the sound of a waterfall splashing over some Waterfall splashing over rocksrocks into a shallow pool below. You follow some wide, easy steps down to the point where the waterfall meets a stream. Gazing into the clear water that bubbles over the softly rounded pebbles, you notice a solitary leaf floating peacefully along on the surface, surrounded by sparkles of light. You ponder on what a happy leaf it must be, simply travelling through life at the pace of the river, basking in the sunshine that seeps between the branches of the trees overhead. You follow the leaf’s journey along a path by the river and observe how gracefully it makes its way around the obstacles of rocks and fallen trees. It simply accepts that there is always a way around them and that the river will show it how, whilst continuing to support the leaf on its voyage. There are other leaves of varying colours that drift elegantly down from the sky and they all make their way together, dancing in time with the movement of the water.

You rest on a nearby tree stump and close your eyes for a moment, breathing in the magical air and hearing the whispers of the trees around you. They seem to be telling you something of great importance. Something about always finding your way in life when you calm your mind, and are working with what you have. There’s another comment that you just make out before drifting into a restful sleep, one about trusting yourself that you do have everything you need to be happy in life.

And now you can gently bring your thoughts back to the here and now. Let your mind and body return to full alertness by taking a couple of deep breaths and counting up to five.


Catherine Blackwood
Essex Hypnotherapy

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