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Alexander Technique in Essex


Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique is geared towards changing habits of movement and posture that are thought to promote physical problems. Many of us develop bad habits when sitting, standing and walking. These habits may contribute towards recurring health problems such as bad back, neck and shoulder pain, restricted breathing and general tiredness. A course of Alexander Technique sessions is designed so that students understand proper movement techniques and are subsequently able to break previous engrained negative habits of movement. Teachers demonstrate correct movements and may gently touch the body to assist correct movements and posture. It is very gentle and totally non-invasive.

Alexander Technique is very popular with performers and is taught at all the major music and drama colleges throughout the UK. Many athletes also find it helps improve their skills and reduce injuries.

Alexander Technique is one of the lesser known complementary therapies and, although there are teachers throughout Essex, there are not a great number.

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