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Acupuncture - Elements and Seasons

Acupuncture - Elements and Seasons

Chronic fatigue, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, back pain, asthma, eczema… these symptoms may be your body’s way of drawing your attention to an imbalance which Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, practised for 1000’s of years, could correct.


Acupuncturists insert fine needles into meridians running throughout the body, helping their flow. Once the meridians and their organs are regulated, balance is restored and the body heals itself.

Acupuncture Meridians In Five Element acupuncture each person is a unique blend of nature’s five elements – water, wood, fire, earth and metal. The elements are related to organs of the body and to the seasons.

For example, currently in Spring the force of the wood energy is pushing forth new buds and plants. Similarly, the flow of the liver (the wood organ) pushes the body’s flow of energy, but if congested this can lead to frustration and irritability. Unregulated, this blockage can increase until it bursts forth causing painful symptoms like migraine, IBS or muscle spasms. Acupuncture can be used to balance liver flow to stop such build up.

By addressing the disruption at the root of “dis-ease” acupuncture can treat many different conditions. As no two people are the same acupuncturists take the time to ensure each treatment is designed to restore your unique balance.

Lorna Withers BA(Hons)Lic Ac MBAcC

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