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The Arts in Essex

Does ‘the arts’ seem an unusual topic to include within a web site relating to health and wellbeing? Quite definitely not! An appreciation of the arts and development of our creativity is vital to a full appreciation of life. Perhaps even more importantly as far as Healthy Life Essex is concerned, the arts have been shown to have a positive impact in improving health and wellbeing.

Our article ‘The Power of the Music’ is just one example of how music therapy is used at Little Havens Hospice to help children cope with their illness. We can all relate to how music can change our mood, and some even believe certain music increases brain power. Engaging in creative activities has also been shown to be invaluable in boosting self-confidence and a feeling of wellbeing.

The Arts

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The following is extracted from ‘The arts, health and wellbeing’, a publication by Arts Council England:

“There is increasing recognition that people’s health and wellbeing is influenced by a range of interconnecting factors. Arts Council England together with many leading health care experts firmly believe that the arts have an important part to play in improving the health and wellbeing of people in many ways.”

“The Arts Council is aiming to integrate the arts into mainstream health strategy and policy making, in order to make the case for a role for the arts in healthcare provision across the whole country and for a wider remit for the arts in terms of healthy living and wellbeing”.

The Arts section in Healthy Life focuses on the arts and various creative community projects in Essex.

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