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Gardening in Essex

Gardening can be a wonderful pleasure as well as an excellent means of exercise. It has often been said that inside every Englishman you will find a gardener. Is that still true? Perhaps it is, because gardening in Essex and the rest of the country still remains a very popular pastime.

The style of gardening has certainly changed in recent years. More people are considering the environment and trying to ensure they have wildlife friendly gardens. Some have converted to organic gardening, and the interest in allotments continues to soar. Even if you live in a flat, you can grow herbs, seeds and sprouting veggies on a window sill.

We do have some wonderful gardens in Essex such as Audley End, Easton Lodge, Beth Chatto, Hylands House and Hyde Hall. Visiting these, or some of the smaller ‘Open Gardens’ in Essex on a warm summers day can be a delight and an inspiration.

Whatever your style of gardening, enjoy! And if you would like to send some pictures of your garden and how you have developed it, or if you are a keen gardener and have advice for others, do contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Enjoy our articles. More will follow soon.



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