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Wildlife in Essex

As the climate changes, toxicity increases and our green and pleasant land is lost to urbanisation, some of our indigenous wildlife is continually under threat. Many species are now protected by law, including badgers, reptiles, bats and many birds. Yet other species continue to flourish, such as the urban fox and the grey squirrel. Nonetheless, in Essex we are still privileged to be able to enjoy many different types of wildlife, both inland and along our wonderful coastline.

The Essex Wildlife Trust operates seven Visitor Centres, 87 Nature Reserves, one Nature Park and manages 7,200 acres of land. The RSPB in Essex also has a strong presence, particularly with the opening of RSPB Rainham Marshes and the new nature reserves in Vange and Canvey, ensuring a network of green space is protected and enjoyed by future generations within the Thames Gateway in South Essex. These charities both hold a series of events throughout the year, dedicated to providing information about wildlife to both adults and children.

But it is important that wildlife can survive outside of dedicated nature reserves. Our own back gardens, or even small patio areas, remain very important habitats for wildlife. However small, these little oases should never be undervalued, particularly in urban areas: they form a patchwork of trees and plants essential in the struggle for the survival of wildlife in Essex.


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