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Tile Wood Appeal - save Tile Wood forever

Tile Wood Appeal - save Tile Wood forever


This is the 50th Anniversary of Essex Wildlife Trust and we are looking to purchase a wonderful ancient woodland.

We need your help. It is vital that we save really important wildlife areas such as this ancient woodland to ensure that our children and our children’s children experience these fantastic wild spaces and we conserve our Essex wildlife for the future. Only two per cent of Britain is covered with ancient woodland, our richest habitat for wildlife. Since the 1930s, half of what remained has been lost. Ancient woodland is an irreplaceable habitat classified as having been wooded for at least 400 years and once lost this important habitat is lost forever. Please support the purchase of Tile Wood.

Tile Wood locationNestled between Pound Wood and Little Haven nature reserves, Tile Wood is one of five ancient woodlands lying within the Hadleigh and Daws Heath Living Landscape area forming part of a major woodland complex, very prominent within the local landscape.

Owned by the Church Commissioners for England, Essex Wildlife Trust took on the lease and management of Tile Wood in 2004. Like most other ancient woodlands Tile Wood has a history of coppicing, a traditional method of managing woodlands sustainably. This traditional form of management has been re-instated in Tile Wood by a dedicated group of volunteers led by the volunteer warden, David Thompson.

Tile WoodTile Wood has good access for the public with a network of permissive paths, which not only takes visitors to all parts of the reserve but also leads through to the neighbouring Essex Wildlife Trust reserve of Little Haven. To the east of Tile Wood, separated by St Michaels Road, is Pound Wood, another Trust reserve which has many woodland paths for walkers and a bridleway running through it that provides a pleasant route for horse riders to get away from the busy roads in the area.

Tile Wood displays a carpet of ground flora in springtime including Bluebells, Wood Anemone and Wood-sorrel. These spring flowers, especially the Bluebells, are one of the main attractions for visitors to Tile Wood which along with Pound Wood and the two woodlands at Little Haven attract large numbers of visitors on the annual Bluebell Day, held on the last Sunday in April each year. Hundreds of people flock to this very successful event where a variety of activities ensure that visitors learn about the woods and the many products produced from the woodland management of these sites. These products, which were historically the main woodland industry within the Hadleigh and Daws Heath area include: firewood, charcoal, fencing stakes and garden planters.

Another product from Tile Wood includes ‘faggot bundles’ made up from brash, a by-product from the coppicing work. These faggot bundles are used on another reserve managed by Essex Wildlife Trust, Two Tree Island, where they are placed in strategic areas of the salt marsh to help reduce the erosion of this fragile habitat.

Tile WoodTile Wood is an essential link in the Daws Heath complex as part of a wildlife corridor providing a continued suitable habitat for wildlife to move around and migrate to other areas. Species the Heath Fritillary butterflybenefiting from these corridors include Dormice, known to be present in Pound Wood and Heath Fritillary butterflies, where thriving colonies are established in both Little Haven and Pound Wood. The food plant of these scarce butterflies, Common Cow-wheat, is well established in Tile Wood and the hope for the future is that the Heath Fritillary butterfly will also make this fine woodland an attractive site to colonise.

Tile Wood is one of the earliest ancient woods to have been recorded in southeast Essex, as it was mentioned in Anglo-Saxon times. It is 19 acres of stunning trees such as Sessile Oak, Hornbeam and Sweet Chestnut, with some Wild Service.

We have to raise the money by the end of January 2010
to complete this purchase

26th January 2010

As at the close of 26th January 2010 the current total for the this Appeal is £48,295.02 , only £1,704.98 to go for them to achieve their £50,000 total. Again a big thank you to those who donated, it is very much appreciated. They still have 4 days to go, so please if you want to support this, either see the attached leaflet below - or call Gene Clifton on 01621 862964 to donate by phone.

Essex Wildlife Trust logoFor more information on Tile Wood and ways to make a donation please see the attached leaflet.
You can also make a donation by phoning 01621 862964 orsend a cheque to Essex Wildlife Trust, Abbotts Hall Farm, Gt. Wigborough, Colchester CO5 7RZ (please make cheques payable to Essex Wildlife Trust)

Walking in Tile Wood

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