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Trust Links

Working Parties

Want to get back to nature? Feel like some physical exercise? Got some spare time on your hands? Then Trust Links has the perfect opportunity for you.


St Laurence Orchard Working Parties.

The historic St Laurence Orchard on Eastwoodbury Lane is managed by Trust Links on behalf of Southend Council. Working parties take place at the orchard on the first Monday of every month. They undertake tasks such as clearing paths and areas around trees. There is a potato patch to tend and pruning to do. There is also the logging and identification of wildlife on the site to do. Tools are supplied as are hot drinks.

The Orchard is a one acre fragment of a traditional orchard, planted around 1920. First planted with Bramleys and King of Pippin, there are also greengages, Pershore plums, pears and a single cox from the original cox. It is rich in biodiversity with over 53 species of other plants and 20 insect species identified in a 2012 survey. A recent grant award from the Heritage Lottery Fund has enabled Trust Links to promote access to this fascinating heritage and encourage people to get involved.

Working Party Days are being held 10am to 3pm on the following dates:

* Monday 1st June
* Monday 6th July
* Monday 3rd August: Big Bug Day. Families Welcome!
* Monday 7th September
* Monday 5th October

Just come for some of the day if you can’t manage it all!

Scything Course -

Scything is an ancient skill, using a long handled blade to cut grass. It has been in the news recently as it featured in the recent TV series Poldark. There is no need however to get hot and bothered as actually it is relatively low impact exercise. Trust Links is planning to run a scything course at St Laurence Orchard in the near future. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to have a go. Places will be limited so anyone interested should sign up for more details.

The scything course will run on Monday 6 July from 10am. It is open to anyone and is free.

More Information:
If you would like to register your interest for the scything course or get involved with the working parties at the orchard, please contact the Trust Links office on 01702 213134 or email

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