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Use the Essex travelBUDi scheme to find travel partners

Use the Essex travelBUDi scheme to find travel partners


Finding a TravelBUDi in Essex.

It is always nice to make new friends - but these are BUDis with a difference. The Essex travelBUDi scheme is an all inclusive travel system designed for residents and employees of Essex. The overall aim is to reduce congestion and pollution and make Essex a better place to live and work.

If you travel to work by car, you will invariably see many people making a similar journey with walk to work! A little bit of extra company is often very pleasantjust one occupant in a car. If the journey is for a special meeting, not the normal place of work, this might be unavoidable (although not necessarily!) But how many cars are travelling the same route every single day with just one occupant? Think how much traffic could be reduced if those journeys were shared. By using the TravelBUDi scheme it is easy, free and safe to find people taking a similar route to work and arranging to travel together. This might mean sharing a car - or perhaps you might decide for shorter journeys to take a taxi (no more parking problems or costs!), ride your bike or even walk to work! A little bit of extra company is often very pleasant and walking or riding your bike to work is an excellent way to get fresh air and exercise. Whatever you want to do, TravelBUDi incorporates four main travel options and can help find journey partners for you: (click the link to find out more)

CarBUDI - BikeBUDi - WalkBUDi - TaxiBUDi

Some predictions indicate that the number of cars on the UK road network will increase by 50% over the next 20 years. The BUDi system can also be used to calculate the financial and CO2 savings each user is making compared to making that journey alone in the car: you can save money and help protect the planet from climate change at the same time!

There is also the ability for any organisation, whatever size, to establish its own private car-sharing scheme. For example, you could establish a group scheme for your company which would allow all your colleagues to search for other colleagues with similar travel requirements. The group scheme could be accessed via and or direct from your any organisation, can establish its own private car-sharing schemeintranet or website. This is an excellent idea for any organisation that is concerned about their corporate social responsibility. Private groups are each assigned a Project Officer by liftshare (the national organisers of the scheme) to aid in all aspects of marketing their schemes to their employees, enabling the sharing of best advice and full support. These groups can be easily monitored, allowing the administrator to judge the success of the scheme.

Most of us love our cars, but using them for short journeys is not cost effective and causes unnecessary congestion and pollution. Now these other travel options are available, there are even more reasons not to travel by car alone! So don’t delay, register now on the Essex TravelBUDi website to see who’s going your way!!

Essex County Council
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