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Allergy Testing The Vega Method


Allergy Testing The Vega Method

Many of us seem to have allergies (or, more often, intolerances) to certain substances these days. Wheat and dairy are frequently cited, but sometimes the culprits are quite obscure and almost impossible for us to ascertain on our own. Reactions vary from skin rashes to headaches to behavioural problems and more.


I went to see Margaret Bidmead at the ACH Clinic in Leigh for a VEGA Allergy Test to learn out my about my own intolerances.

Margaret explained that she normally starts the consultation with a questionnaire. She showed me the VEGA Machine and then ‘connected me’!

A metallic platform or ‘honeycomb’ containing small ampoules of a substance (food, medication, chemicals etc) is connected to the VEGA Machine. A probe is also connected to the VEGA Machine and Margaret gently touched acupoints (my big toe and also the palm of my hand!) as I held a brass tube, also connected to the Machine. Each time the probe touched an acupoint an electrical circuit was created and micro voltage electrical information was relayed to the VEGA Machine, where it is displayed on a type of voltmeter readout. The trained practitioner can judge these readings against the norm, i.e. when the current is not passing through a substance in the honeycomb, to assess how a patient reacts to any one of say, 120 substances. They can also use ampoules of homoeopathic remedies and/or BACH flower remedies in the honeycomb to ascertain their potential effectiveness.

The test was simple and painless. It was great to get instantaneous results and I found the whole process quite fascinating. I went away with my list, and lots of information. Thanks Margaret!

(Healthy Life - Mind, Body & Soul Magazine issue 5. Winter 2006/7)

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