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Review – NO HANDS massage in Essex with Cathy Black

NO HANDS massage
with Cathy Black

Cathy Black has been a nurse for over 35 years. She is also an experienced complementary therapist and one of a growing number who offer No Hands Massage. I was delighted and rather intrigued when Cathy recently invited me (May 2009) to her therapy room to the rear of DK Hair on the London Road, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex to experience this new massage technique. How could this massage work properly without using hands, I wondered.


I have to say I was amazed. This style of massage is known as the ‘Gentle Giant’ of healing therapies and I can understand why. Some people like a strong massage; others prefer something gentle because they don’t like the pressure. No Hands Massage manages to combine the two because it feels gentle and yet is goes deeper than any other type of massage.

No Hands MassageCathy started with a questionnaire. This is commonplace but something Cathy, with her nurse’s background, is very emphatic about. I didn’t have any physical problems and was not taking any medication, so Cathy had a free hand or, rather, forearm!

I stripped to my underwear while Cathy discreetly left the room and made myself comfortable on the couch. I rang a bell when I was ready and Cathy began. She used Thai Chi like movements to massage me with her forearms. By doing this she was actually able to apply her full body weight. The movements flowed just as they would with a normal massage. I could feel the pressure, considerably more than a normal massage, and yet it was so very gentle all at the same time! It often takes me a while to relax and, although I love a normal massage, sometimes particularly tense areas can be a little uncomfortable when pressure is first applied. Not so with No Hands Massage because the pressure is evenly applied. I could feel myself relaxing quite quickly, particularly once Cathy started to apply oils.

Cathy Balack using Thai Chi like movements to massage with her forearmsWhen finished, Cathy again left the room until I was ready. She told me to take my time getting dressed – there was no need to rush. She returned with a refreshing cup of green tea. I finished the treatment by walking briskly up and down – this helps restore balance apparently.

Cathy explained that not only is No Hands Massage excellent for the client, it also offers massage therapists many physical and mental benefits. Bodyworkers frequently sustain injuries from the physical exertions of other massage styles and may have to stop working or change jobs. No Hands Massage can help them to retrain and continue doing massage. No Hands Massage is designed for existing massage therapists and other bodyworkers. There are several levels of training beginning at a Basic Level through to a Master Programme. Cathy is at present doing her Masters.

Cathy is very professional but also great fun. I can fully recommend her No Hands Massage treatment. She can be contacted at DK Hair on 01702 470916 or 07967 20844

Reviewed: by Jill Poet : May 2009 

Picture Credits: Drawing by John Coombes

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