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Kinesiology - Review


Kinesiology (pronounced KIN-EASY-OLOGY) is a natural health care system which uses simple, safe, precise muscle testing procedures to find problem areas, and uses massage, touch, nutrition, energy reflexes, and counselling to balance holistically. It combines the techniques of chiropractic with the ancient knowledge of acupuncture to help reveal the true causes of aches, pains and disease.


I met Margaret Bidmead at the ACH Complementary Health Clinic in Leigh where she finds she is able to practice in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Margaret has been a health care professional all her working life. She trained as a State Registered Nurse and, by the time she left Southend General Hospital to have her first child, had been promoted to Ward Sister.

While bringing up her family of three daughters she often relied upon complementary therapies, in particular homoeopathy, to deal with childhood ailments. When she wanted to return to nursing she decided to take an holistic path. She started at the local college with a basic reflexology course and tells me she was instantly “hooked”. She continued her reflexology training and followed that with Holistic Massage, Bach Flower Therapy, Reiki 1 and 2, and Kinesiology. She also has an Advanced Diploma in Counselling.

“Treat the Person not the Disease

Treat the Cause not the Effect”
Dr E. Bach.

Margaret likened our physical body to an onion!! Over the years our bodies store all our experiences, good and bad alike. These may include memories of our past traumas, environmental stresses, toxicity and suppressed emotions. Those bad experiences are layered and suppressed and, like an onion, there may be just a little tip at the top that looks bad – but you may have to peel away lots of layers to find the root cause!! The big problem is if that little bad bit is left it will probably spread eventually causing disease throughout. Kinesiology allows you to find the cause of the problem, often without the painful procedure of dealing with each layer.

 KinesiologyThe treatment started with Margaret taking a detailed history. I then lay on the treatment couch, fully clothed, while she did the muscle testing. The first test was to ensure I was not dehydrated, as this affects the results during a treatment. A glass of water followed! The muscle testing was all very gentle and non-invasive, and quite fascinating. Margaret would test a muscle group and, by referring to her many wall charts, she told me what areas they related to. As she gently worked, she also used energy centres (the chakras) to help balance my energy flows. Each time she did this she re-tested the muscle group so that I could tell the difference. Margaret told me the emotional “baggage” I was carrying, and the actual year this trauma had occurred. Very impressive! She frequently uses Bach and other Sea and Flower Remedies for emotional problems and gave me a tincture of Brown Kelp. Problems may also be nutritional or structural, and Margaret will offer follow-up treatments or referrals as appropriate.

I left the clinic feeling quite calm and relaxed, but the strangest feeling came later. When I went to bed that night I started to remember the time in my life Margaret had spoken about. I felt very emotional and actually wept gently, but that made me feel better and I knew one of those bad layers had been removed!

(Healthy Life - Mind, Body & Soul Magazine issue 2.Winter/Spring 2006)

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