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The Body Alignment & Vortex Techniques - Review

The Body Alignment & Vortex Techniques

Mike knew I was going for a therapy session with Celia Leslie straight from a hard day’s work at my “other office”, but he was quite unprepared for the new me that arrived home a couple of hours later than usual.


I almost floated in through the front door: feeling relaxed, calm and unable to suppress my Cheshire cat like grin. “Wow – how does that therapy work?” Mike immediately wanted to know. Yet again, that was really quite difficult to answer, but it had certainly had a tremendous effect on me.

After speaking briefly to Celia she had invited me to experience the Body Alignment and Vortex System myself. Celia has a very restful treatment room and a wonderfully gentle and calming manner. As I lay fully clothed on the treatment couch, she covered me in warm fluffy blankets, put on some soft background music, and I relaxed immediately. The treatment was very gentle and non-invasive. The outcome for me was that Celia explained I need to be “kind to myself”, and she showed me the way of mentally finding a place where I could take myself to relax and unwind. How wonderful!

The Body Alignment and Vortex Techniques were developed by Jeff Levin, an architect, nutripath, author and healer. As an architect, he specialized in the use of solar architecture and energy efficient construction, on which he lectured across North America. His interest in the environment led him to explore the subtle effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) from man made sources as well as from the earth. He researched and tested every form of device that was made, seeking something that not only protected one from EMFs but had a profound healing effect on the body. At the same time he was also exploring the different avenue of healing because of his own ill-health and, as he discovered his own healing abilities, these and his work with energy fields laid the foundation for this new healing technique.

Apparently Celia had accessed information using applied kinesiology and by using the various charts that form the structure of the ‘Body Alignment System’ and asking me various questions as indicated by those charts, she was able to identify specific problems. She then used gentle hands-on energy release work, in conjunction with the Vortex System, to leave me “relaxed and empowered to live my life more fully”. Difficult to understand, but I would certainly recommend you give it a try!

(Healthy Life - Mind, Body & Soul Magazine issue 2.Winter/Spring 2006)

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