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Aqua Detox - Review

Relax, Enjoy & Detoxify

There are a multitude of ways to detoxify, most of them not particularly enjoyable. So how can a relaxing 30 minutes with your feet soaking in a special footbath possibly work?


What is the scientific explanation for the success of this magic detox machine? A metal coil, attached to the Detox Unit, is immersed in the warm saline water of the footbath. An electric current is created which resonates gently through the body and stimulates all the cells within it. This has the effect of re-balancing the cellular energy, thus enabling the cells to perform efficiently and to release any toxins out of the body.

Aqua Detox machineIt was a big investment for therapist Sara de Groot when she purchased her Aqua Detox machine. But the expense was totally justified to her even if it did not generate any income. You see, for many years Sara had suffered from tiredness and depression and no-one seemed to have any reasons for her maladies – and certainly no cures!! But a friend recommended Aqua Detox and now, with regular use, she has never felt better.

I went to see Sara, a complementary therapist based in central Southend-on-Sea, Essex. As I sat there chatting to Sara something was certainly being excreted from the 4000 pores in my feet!! Very quickly the water started to turn the colour of weak tea. Just watching the colour deepen was fascinating – although a bit disconcerting when you think this is all the “muck” inside your body. By the end of the 30 minutes the water was decidedly sludge like – with a thick scum on the surface- yuck!

As Sara dries and then massages my feet – pure heaven- she tells me she sees the water turn all sorts of different colours: yellow, green, orange, brown, red - and quite often there are also nasty metallic and chemical smells emanating from the sludge. She also shows me many testimonials. It seems her treatments have had beneficial effects in relation to many illnesses, and even helps those who want any easy way to rid themselves of the toxins which are often an inevitable part of many fast-living lifestyles.

(Healthy Life - Mind, Body & Soul Magazine issue 1.Autumn 2005)

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