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Our Heritage in Essex


Our Heritage

There is no denying the incredible speed at which our world is changing. In the blink of an eye technology leaps forward light years and what was once science fiction rapidly becomes reality.

We certainly need to plan for the future, and plan very carefully indeed if humanity is not only to survive but survive with dignity and the joy of living that seems to escape so many of us. The conflict between essential developments necessary to ensure we can house, feed and cloth the growing population and the fight to retain our ‘green and pleasant land’ will no doubt continue indefinitely.

As we struggle to keep pace with this frantic world we often lose the sense of who we are. Sometimes it helps to look back and reflect on the past: both the struggles and the glories of previous generations. This is Our Heritage and it comes in many guises, from lowly fisherman’s cottages to wonderful stately homes.

It is good to think back to our grass roots and to see how our forbears lived, worked and played and we hope you will enjoy our articles on Our Heritage in Essex


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Our Heritage

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