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Youth at Risk – Southend ‘Motivate the Estate’ programme

Youth at Risk - young people building better futures


Youth at Risk is a charity that believes all young people should have a worthwhile future, no matter what has happened in the past or how difficult their current circumstances.
We design and deliver innovative training programmes that have enabled some of society’s most alienated young people to accept responsibilities and transform their lives.
We work in partnership with central government, Local Authorities, other agencies and sponsoring companies to create long-term, measurable change.
We are now delivering a programme in Southend-on-Sea aimed at enabling up to 400 of the most alienated and disengaged young people on the Woodgrange Drive, and St Luke's Estates to recognise and fulfil their potential to build a worthwhile future and in so doing, benefit their community.

‘Motivate the Estate’

female youthmale youth‘Motivate the Estate’ is a three year programme. Our intention is to deliver transformational training for young people and the adults who impact them.

Over the course of 2008/9, year one of the programme, we ran ten “Coaching for Professionals” workshops, open to any adults whose work impacted the life of the community on and around the Woodgrange Drive Estate.

As well as these adult trainings, we began our “Coaching for Success” programme with a group of Year 10 pupils at Futures Community College. This programme was designed to impact pupils’ attainment by creating a new relationship to their education and their future. After completing a 2 day intensive training, the pupils were paired with volunteer Performance Coaches from the local community, who support them for the next 6 months to achieve their goals.

Next Steps:

Life Coaching Opportunity:
Our focus is currently on finding people with an interest in life coaching to be trained in our methodology and act as Performance Coaches for our “Coaching for Success” programme. Volunteer coaches will receive an initial intensive training of either 2 or 3 days, followed by evening sessions every 6 weeks thereafter for the length of the programme to top-up their skills and reflect with other coaches. Anyone interested in this training opportunity should refer to the “Being a Performance Coach on the Motivate the Estate Programme” article for more details.

Identifying the Target Group of Young People for Years Two and Three:
In year two of the programme, our focus is to enrol NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) young people, particularly those on the edges of risky behaviour to re-engage them before they reach the point of entering the youth justice system. We therefore need to identify agencies and key professionals who have access to this group of young people and who can nominate, help enrol and support them in making the most of this programme.

The Training Opportunity:
We have the capacity to work with 400 young people and over 400 adults, including Youth Professionals, Parents, Residents and Volunteer Coaches, over the course of the project.
This is a unique opportunity to be involved in a transformational project and receive personal development training of the highest quality completely free of charge. The very nature of the project is to create a community which is self-sustaining in the sense that a culture will have been created of responsibility, aspiration and pride in success.

We would urge anybody with an interest in the development of this community to enrol on a “Coaching for Professionals” training course. The next course dates are on the link below

“Coaching for Professionals” training course.

If you are interested in the programme, please contact Chris Sollis on 01702 534866, 07919102049 or email -
Or Lola Green on 07971 891925 email: to discuss next steps.

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