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Being a Performance Coach on the Motivate the Estate programme

Youth at Risk - young people building better futures


Coaching for Success
Bringing Success to Potential

The next course dates are:

Coaching for Professionals
28th, 29th & 30th October 2009
Centre Place Family Centre, Prospect Close, Woodgrange Drive Estate, Southend,
Essex SS1 2JD.
9am-5pm inc. refreshments & Lunch
It is essential that participants can commit to attending the whole three days of the course

Performance Coach Training
26th, 27th & 28th October 2009
The Plaza Centre, Southchurch Road, Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS1 2EP.
9am-5pm - Wednesday 9am – 12pm

PLEASE NOTE - participants must be able to attend all of the full three sessions.

Coaching for Professionals
Southend is embarking on two exciting programmes in partnership with Youth at Risk, a national charity dedicated to transforming the lives of young people at risk of poor outcomes. For over 15 years, Youth at Risk have been delivering transformational programmes for young people and the professionals who support them.

From now until August 2011, our programmes “Motivate the Estate 1” and “Motivate the Estate 2” will be targeting two different areas of Southend with one common goal; to enable up to 400 of the most alienated and disengaged young people on the Woodgrange Drive Estate and in the St Luke’s area to recognise and fulfil their potential to build a worthwhile future and in so doing, benefit their community.

Performance Coach Training
A vital part of the Motivate the Estate project is training volunteers to become coaches for young people. This involves being a role model, encouraging and supporting but ultimately giving young people the opportunity to discover for themselves what is possible for them. You need no specific qualifications for the role just enthusiasm a positive attitude and the ability to relate to young people.
This training will equip participants to coach young people within the school programme and young people who are not in education, employment or training. It focuses on interpersonal skills which are transferable to your work and personal life.

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Both programmes consist of a series of training and coaching activities delivered to young people and adults in the community.

In order to ensure the success of this venture we need the engagement and support of practitioners who know the local context and have relationships with the young people as well as volunteers from the business and local community.

We are running a three-day course for professionals and volunteers, designed to:

  1. Provide you with a professional development opportunity, to reflect on your practice and gain insights into impacting areas of your work where you want to be more effective.
  1. Prepare you for how we will be working with the young people and provide information to enable you to enrol young people into the programme and support them throughout
  1. Provide you with a basis for further training in the skills of relating to young people should you want to act as a performance coach later on in the programme

The Coaching for Professionals course is open to any practitioner in Southend who thinks they or their young people could benefit.

The course enables participants to reflect on their own current practice, and to develop a clear vision of what can be accomplished and how to make positive changes in their work.

Youth at Risk are experienced in delivering Coaching for Professionals to a range of organisations, including Children’s Services, The Prison Service and the Probation Service for Northern Ireland. Feedback from participants has demonstrated that the course has made a significant difference to the way professionals work with young people to achieve positive outcomes.

This will be a challenging and thought provoking opportunity to enhance your personal and professional development.


Being a Performance Coach on the Motivate the Estate Programme

What is “Coaching for Success”?
male youthCoaching for Success is an exciting programme running in schools across the country. It is aimed at supporting young people in achieving their full potential. Through a series of training sessions they will set clear life goals and develop a positive attitude to themselves, their lives and their futures.

The charity Youth at Risk are currently running this programme locally as part of the larger “Motivate the Estate” initiative.

This is a special opportunity to support a young person in finding the motivation and skills they need to succeed in their education and finding a career path. Through taking on the role, Performance Coaches will receive considerable training that will be directly transferable to their work place.

Objectives of the programme:

  • To impact the culture of the school – increasing success and motivation levels within it.
  • Bring young people together with adults who are successful and can support them in realising their own potential
  • Give the school new ways of working with pupils who are underachieving
What does it take to be a successful
Performance Coach?

The pupils who are striving to meet their full potential need:

  • Someone they can see as a role model – hence the term “Bringing Success to Potential”
  • Someone who can keep their word to them
  • Someone who will support them in discovering they are able to do things for themselves – not try and do it for them
  • Someone who will hold them accountable
  • Someone who can see what is possible for them

female youthWhat is the time commitment?

Your involvement will start with a two day “Performance Coach Training”, or a three day “Coaching for Professionals Training” and a ½ day “Coaching Skills Training”.

This will then be followed by a session with the young people, where you will be matched with the pupil(s) you will be supporting.

After the matching session you will set up coaching sessions with your young person (the minimum commitment is once a fortnight for 30 minutes). Timings of these sessions are flexible but they often take place during the school lunch-hour or straight after school finishes, on the school site.

You will be invited to support two further follow-up sessions at the school (each 4 hours long) when all pupils and coaches will come together to review progress.

Finally, you will be invited to a “Completion Celebration”.

The programme will run for six months and during this time you will also be invited to attend “Coaching Top-up Sessions” every six weeks to refresh your own skills and share best practice with other coaches.

In summary:

Initial Training - 2-day Performance Coach Training or 3-day Coaching for Professionals Training + ½ day Coaching Skills Training

Matching Session – a ½ day session will follow

Coaching Sessions - Minimum of one 30 minute individual Coaching session per pupil every two weeks at Futures Community College

Group Sessions - Invitation to two 4 hour Follow-up sessions and one Completion Celebration at Futures Community College

What will I get out of it?

  • Having the experience and satisfaction of making a considerable difference in the lives of young people in your local area
  • Improved interpersonal skills - increasing effectiveness at work and in relationships with family and friends
  • Training, experience and ongoing feedback in coaching skills
  • A better understanding of young peoples’ issues and thinking
  • New skills which are transferable to your work and personal life

Participants who undertook this training recently have commented:

“Well run, made me think for the first time since university and push the boundaries of what I believe.”

“A positive challenge to make important changes.”

“Healthy – confrontational – questioning.”

“This is one of the best insets I’ve ever had and it will impact on my teaching and my life for ever.”

“I found it very useful and I hope that we can establish a long term relationship with Youth at Risk.”

“Some of the best training I’ve ever received in terms of developing me personally and professionally.”

What next?

To book places please contact: Chris Sollis on 01702 534866, 07919102049 or
email -

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