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The Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust



The Woodland Trust is the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity. We achieve our purposes through a combination of acquiring woodland and sites for planting and through advocacy of the importance of protecting ancient woodland, enhancing its biodiversity, expanding woodland cover and increasing public enjoyment.

The Trust is a registered charity, established in 1972, and a company limited by guarantee. Its mission now as then, is to conserve, restore, and recreate the country’s native woodland and its wildlife. Woodland in Spring

Since its inception the Trust has acquired well over 1,000 sites covering approximately 50,000 acres. All the woods managed by the Trust have received Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and UK Woodland Assurance Scheme (UKWAS) certification giving independent endorsement to internationally agreed standards of the quality of our management. Several have won Forestry Commission Awards for the highest standards in woodland management. All are managed in a sustainable manner.

In order to meet the needs of woodland conservation, the Trust has identified four key objectives:

  1. To ensure no further loss of ancient woodland
  2. To increase people’s awareness and enjoyment of woodland
  3. To restore and improve woodland biodiversity
  4. To increase the area of new native woodland.
Elmstead Wood Campaign....................... click here

location of Lodge farm Located just to the east of Elmstead Market and off the A12, The Woodland Trust are trying to purchase 260 acres of land at Lodge farm to create a woodland for the wildlife and people of Elmstead Market and Colchester. This will enable us to plant a wonderful tranquil wooded area for the future. The area contains many features with streams and ancient woodlands, these are woods that have been around since at least the 1600’s.

We will manage this area to secure and protect it for future generations living in and around Elmstead Market and Colchester.
But to make this vision a reality, we have to raise £2 million. We cannot do this alone! But without achieving this we will not be able create this woodland.
Please can you help?

Of course you may ask why is it so important to support this campaign when there are so many other worthy causes and times are so uncertain?
Well, trees and woodland are crucial to life on our planet. They generate oxygen for us to breathe, store carbon, provide homes to a spectacular variety of wildlife, provide us with raw materials and help stabilise the soil. They offer us quiet places to relax within, inspire our imagination & creativity and refresh our spirits.

Lodge farm A world without trees and woodland would be barren, impoverished and intolerable. And yet the simple fact is that the UK is one of the least wooded places in Europe with an average of only 13% woodland cover, with only 5.7% of woodland cover in Essex Only 3.5% of the County has Ancient woodland. This scheme will buffer some of this and will create a larger tract of new woodland that could become home to some of the associated animals and plants of woodland, such as water vole and Barn owls, all species that are on the UK priority biodiversity action plan list.

If you would like to donate to this project visit

The Woodland Trust
The Woodland Trust is a charity registered in England and Wales (No. 294344)
and in Scotland (No. SC038885).
A non-profit making company limited by guarantee. Registered in England No. 1982873.
More information on the Woodland Trust can be obtained by visiting:

© Woodland in Spring photograph by Mike Wilson 2008

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