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Are you a horder?


Are you a horder?


It is a well known fact that a lot of clutter in your home can have a very negative effect on your emotional wellbeing. Would you like to de-clutter your home once and for all? And rather than just discarding your unwanted chattels, you could sell them and raise money for charity at the same time?  Not only that – you could even be on TV!


Reef TV are making a BBC1series called “Trash to Cash” that involves people raising money for charities and good causes across the UK. It’s a great fundraising opportunity.

Lorne, Mark and PaulThe show will help people recycle, refurbish and repair the clutter in their homes in order to raise money for themselves and a good cause of their choice. Half of the money they raise will be for a personal project the other half will be donated to charity.

The shows team of experts will help people sell anything and everything they no longer need through newspaper ads, local dealers, scrap merchants, salvage yards, auctions and a Garage Sale.

The series will be filmed throughout November and December. If you or anyone you know has a home crammed with clutter and would be happy to donate half of the money raised by selling it to charity, please contact Katie Hobbs on 0207 836 8595. or e-mail:

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