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CAP (Christians Against Poverty) Money Course

CAP (Christians Against Poverty)


CAP (Christians Against Poverty) is a national charity dedicated to helping people manage their finances better and become debt free. Although a Christian organisation, CAP provides a range of free services across the country to all regardless of faith, age, gender, race, disability or sexual orientation including:

  • CAP Money Courses – budgeting skills using a simple cash-based system to help you get your finances under control.
  • CAP Debt Help – if you are weighed down with debt don't despair, contact CAP to help you find the best solution.
  • CAP Job Clubs – friendly clubs where you can get practical help and meet in a relaxed environment with other jobseekers.
  • CAP Release Groups – if you have damaging addictions you are struggling to break free from, CAP groups provide safe and confidential places where you can start to tackle the issues and break free.

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For more information about CAP including finding resources in your area:

email ;
Tel : 01274 760720
Visit :

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